The smoking blow of confinement

The smoking blow of confinement

In this year of war against COVID-19, legal cannabis sales have exploded in Canada. Based on the data collected by Statistics Canada, I calculated that they will exceed the $ 2.6 billion mark, up 118% from 2019.

In Quebec, the legal sale of “jars” should cross the $ 500 million mark in 2020, or 19.2% of Canadian sales.

Ontario, the most populous province, leads the way with probable sales of over $ 720 million, which is expected to constitute 27.7% of Canadian sales.

Alberta follows second with sales of $ 570 million, or 21.9% of total Canadian sales, while Albertans make up only 11.7% of the Canadian population.


Note that it is in Quebec that we observed during the first two months of COVID-19 containment, in March (from the 13th) and April, the largest increase in cannabis sales in the country.

During these two months of great health depression, total cannabis sales in Quebec jumped 29% compared to the two previous months, January and February.

This led Albertans by almost 6 percentage points (their increase was 23%) and Ontarians by 14 percentage points, while their cannabis sales increase was 15%.


The more pot consumers get their supplies legally, the more our governments will appreciate it!

It is Justin Trudeau, the father of the legalization of the “pot” in the country, who will rejoice in the first place.

Especially since the sharp 118% increase in cannabis sales in the country in 2020 will allow its government to soon achieve the objective it had set itself with the legalization of cannabis, namely to collect 100 million dollars annually. dollars for the federal excise tax on cannabis alone.

The harvest of this excise tax is expected to reach $ 88 million this year. No doubt it will cross the $ 100 million mark next year.

The premiers of the three largest consuming provinces, Doug Ford of Ontario, Jason Kenney of Alberta and François Legault of Quebec, will be even happier than Trudeau, because their provincial excise taxes on the sale of cannabis are three times higher than the federal one.

You will not be surprised to learn that these federal and provincial excise taxes are, of course, added to sales taxes, namely the federal GST and the provincial sales tax, such as the QST in Quebec.

Total cannabis sales and excise tax revenue this year is expected to bring more than $ 600 million to federal and provincial coffers.

The market for the legal sale of cannabis is gaining ground over the months.


At the end of last June, the Ontario Cannabis Store estimated the legal sale’s share of the Ontario cannabis market at 36.2%. This is still 15 percentage points more than in June 2019.

Another indicator suggesting that the legal sale of “pot” is gaining ground fairly quickly in Quebec.

In its 2021-2023 strategic plan, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) forecasts that cannabis sales will reach $ 945 million in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

This is 66.6% more than forecast sales ($ 567 million) for the current fiscal year, 2020-21.

The smoking blow of confinement

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