The Snow Queen 2, a movie that had the most success ? Yes, but not in France !

La Reine des Neiges 2, film d'animation ayant eu le plus de succès ? Oui mais pas en France !

The Snow Queen 2, a movie that had the most success ? Yes, but not in France !

It is done : The Snow Queen 2 officially became the biggest success in the history of animated movies. With more than 1.32 billion dollars at the box office, it dethrones the first part of the adventures of Anna and Elsa, released in 2013. A resounding success thanks to her songs then, endearing characters and a plot that delights large and small. But this incredible success is it the same for us in France ? Yes, but no. At the box-office français, The Snow Queen 2 is far from being the film with the most acclaimed.

No, the animated movies are not made only for small. We told you already at the exit of The Snow Queen 2, they can also open up the dialogue, give lessons. And so it’s normal that they attract a lot of viewers in dark rooms. 2019 is still evidence that such films have beautiful days in front of them.

The Snow Queen 2, king of animated movies

Disney can have the smile this early 2020. With its many successes in theaters in 2019 (Avengers : Endgame, The Lion King, Star Wars : The Ascent of Skywalker, Toy Story 4), the studio has put lots of pockets. But one of the movies that has the most conspicuous is none other than The Snow Queen 2, sequel of the adventures of Anna and Elsa. In cinemas from 20 November, it comes to exceed the mark of $ 1.3 billion of revenue. A success because it allows him to surpass The Snow Queen and become the animated film with the most success in the world. His score can only increase, since the film is always operated at the present time.

In the top 10 of animated movies that had the most success in the world (find below), there are also The Incredibles 2, Minions, Toy Story 4 , or even Me, ugly and nasty 3. It can be seen, all films are released in the 2010s. The evidence that the older movies are obsolete ? Not so fast…

A different collation in France

In France, The Snow Queen 2 has also attracted small and large in dark rooms : with more than 6.6 million entries, it is the 4th film with the most seen in the past year. And yet, do not expect to see him beat the record for number of entries : the ranking of the animated films that have worked best in the cinema in France is very (very) different from the one of the biggest global successes.

The biggest hit on our territory, these are the older Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (with over 18 million entries !), The Jungle Book or Cinderella. To find a film more “recent”, it is necessary to wait for The finding Nemo (released in 2003) and ranks in the 9th place. In comparison, The snow Queen has made 5,1 million entries in us (38th) and The Snow Queen 2 is currently 20th with its 6.6 million admissions. Olaf and the others can still run to dethrone the queen Snow White !

Top 10 animated movies that had the most success in the world

1. The Snow Queen 2 (1.32 billion dollars)
2. The Snow Queen (1.27 billion dollars)
3. The Incredibles 2 (1.24 billion dollars)
4. The Minions (1.16 billion dollars)
5. Toy Story 4 (1.07 billion dollars)
6. Toy Story 3 (1.06 billion dollars in revenue)
7. Me, ugly and nasty 3 ($1.03 billion revenues)
8. The World of Dory ($1.03 billion revenues)
9. Zootopie ($1.02 billion revenues)
10. Me, ugly and nasty 2 (970 million dollars)

Top 10 animated films with the most admissions in France

1. Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs (18.3 million entries)
2. The Jungle Book (14.7 million entries)
3. 101 Dalmatians (14.6 million entries)
4. Cinderella (13.2 million entries)
5. The Aristocats (12.5 million entries)
6. Lady and the Tramp (11.2 million entries)
7. The King Lion (10.7 million entries – original movie 1994)
8. Bambi (10, 7 million entries)
9. Finding Nemo (9.5 million entries)
10. Tarzan (7.8 million entries)

It is good to clarify, these rankings exclude the remake of the Lion King. Released on the 17th of July last, the film directed by Jon Favreau and doubled by Donald Glover and Beyoncé in the VO remains the king of the year : he has made more of 1.66 billion dollars in global box office and more than 10 million admissions in France where it remains the film most seen of 2019.

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