The Snow Queen 2 : the lesson of the film to the small (and big) boys is essential

La Reine des Neiges 2 : cette leçon du film pour les petits (et les grands) garçons est essentielle

The Snow Queen 2 : Kristoff, a perfect example for the little ones and the big boys

This Wednesday, November 20, fate the film The Snow Queen 2. Six years after the release of the first part, this film is a more mature and also always a feminist who expects the small and the great, dark halls. If we do, it is also because, in addition to always ahead of the female characters, the new Disney movie directly addresses the masculinity toxic.

Released in 2013, The Snow Queen has been a success in more ways than one. A box-office hit first : the film dubbed by Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell in the original version, has won more than $ 1.2 billion and became the biggest success of Disney in the world (before being overtaken by The Lion King, released in the summer). Another success of the film, the message that he brought : the acceptance of oneself and one’s differences. The following gives another lesson, equally important.

Down with Prince Charming

During (very) long in the Disney movies (and not only), the search for love and Prince Charming was a central theme. In The Little Mermaid , for example, Ariel left everything and sacrificed even her voice to find her Prince, Eric. In The beautiful the sleeping beauty, Aurora could not rely on the kiss of her Prince to wake up from a long sleep. A myth outdated and simplistic, which no longer has its place in the animated movies of the 2010s. And it, Disney has understood. For the past few years, the animated films of the famous studio have evolved, placing it in the center of the action heroines are independent and removing just the “love interest” male as in Rebel, The Snow Queen or Vaiana.

More mature, The Snow Queen 2 brings a whole new time for Disney to give some lessons to the children and their parents. No, the studio has, unfortunately, not decided to include a love for Elsa despite the requests of the fans, but it attacks the masculinity toxic by showing a counter-example, resounding with the character of Kristoff.

Kristoff, the example to follow

In the film, which takes place 3 years after the events of the first pane, Kristoff is more than ever the ally and the partner of choice for Anna. The figure doubled by Jonathan Groff in the original version, is the example to follow for many boys, big and small : a man who is not afraid or ashamed to discuss his feelings and who is present to help the woman he loves, not to save it. Two moments in the film illustrate particularly this.

La Reine des Neiges 2 : cette leçon du film pour les petits (et les grands) garçons est essentielle

Anna and Kristoff The Snow Queen

In the first, Kristoff sings a solo, I’ve lost the north (Lost in the Woods in the original version) in which he speaks of his feelings. “We have the habit that this is the man who leaves the woman and she sings a sad song about it. It is the reverse here when Anna’s hand only to protect her sister and this is the man who remains with his feelings of frustration and love repressed that he expresses in song. I love the fact that men and boys can understand that they can express themselves the same way,” confided Jonathan Groff.

Kristen Bell, for its part, evokes a time that combat masculinity is toxic : a scene where Kristoff is helping Anna during a delicate time. “He does not say : ‘I’m here, I’ll fix things’. Instead, he looks at it and says to him : ‘I’m here, what do you need‘ ?, ‘”recalled the actress during an interview to Jimmy Fallon. “I am pleased with the message that this gives to the little boys, “adds the star.

If there is still a long way to go on the side of the representation of LGBT+ side of Disney, the studio reaches a new milestone with The Snow Queen 2. And one can only applaud the decision of the studio and screenwriters of the film.

The trailer for The Snow Queen 2

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