The Snow Queen 2 : why is the voice of Elsa has she changed ?

La Reine des Neiges 2 : pourquoi la voix d'Elsa a-t-elle changé ?

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The Snow Queen 2 : the voice of Elsa has changed because Anaïs Delva has been replaced by Charlotte Hervieux

Everybody remembers ‘Freed, freed’, the tube from The Snow Queen. Except for The Snow Queen 2, you will no longer hear the same voice. Why ? Because Anaïs Delva do double more Elsa in the French version, it is Charlotte Hervieux, who has taken his place. Why this change ?

Anaïs Delva has been replaced

So that you can shopper three collabs fashion-inspired Elsa and Anna The Snow Queen 2 before you see it at the cinema (from the November 20, 2019), we know that the heroine of Disney will not have the same voice. Why ? Because the actress Anaïs Delva has been replaced by Charlotte Hervieux. If the United States is still Idina Menzel (aka the mother of Rachel in the series Glee), who continues to lend her voice to the star of the animated film, in contrast to the French version, this will not be the same actress that you will hear doubling.

After having given the voice for Elsa (including on the tube Released, issued , which has recently been taken over by Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon in their medley of songs), but also for The snow Queen : A celebration of frosty and The snow Queen : Happy christmas with Olaf, Anaïs Delva has therefore ultimately not been renewed. It has been entrusted to The Is a Republican that it is not she who chose to leave and that she would have liked to have double the Elsa in The Snow Queen 2 : “It is much to miss me. This was not a desire on my part. It was a choice forced. I would have wanted to continue”.

“No, I don’t look at the film because it’s going to me to break the heart”

Disappointed and sad not to be able to continue this beautiful adventure, Anaïs Delva explained the harsh reality of show-business : “we always remember in this business that when it is interpreted, it is not necessary”. “But the character of Elsa is strong enough to continue to fascinate everyone, even with a different voice” she pointed out. In contrast, there was no question for her to go to see The Snow Queen 2, even if the trailer is impressive makes you want, because it will cause too much trouble : “No, I don’t look at this because it’s going to break the heart”.

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