The Snow Queen 3 : a new movie in the works ? The directors meet

La Reine des Neiges 3 : un nouveau film en préparation ? Les réalisateurs répondent

The Snow Queen : a 3rd film in the works ? The directors express

Out to the cinema this Wednesday, November 20th, The Snow Queen 2 proved a massive hit in France and in the world. Given the success of the animated film, Disney does it a suite with The Snow Queen 3 ? The directors are committed to this topic. This article does NOT contain spoilers about the film.

Huge success in the world with 1.27 billion dollars in revenue, The Snow Queen will he be overwhelmed by… The Snow Queen 2 ? It is in any case a good start ! In France, the film doubled by Charlotte Hervieux, Emmylou Homs and Dany Boon has already attracted over 1.98 million people is the best start of all time for an animated film, surpassing finding Nemo.

No third film for The Snow Queen ?

The Snow Queen 2 made direct reference to a possible sequel. During a scene at the end of the film, the main characters discuss. While Olaf asked whether other adventures are in the program, Elsa answers him that it is not. A moment which suggests that the filmmakers did not include a new pane. But is it really necessary to believe ?

The filmmakers temper

Not necessarily ! In an interview given to Yahoo Movie UK, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, co-directors of The Snow Queen 2, spoke of a possible third film, and given a good news to fans of Anna and Elsa. “For me, to finish The Snow Queen 2 was a late but they always say ‘never say never’” has entrusted the co-director while Chris Buck tells us that “nothing does not close the door” to a third component. The success of the film in cinemas could therefore push Disney to want a sequel but nothing is assured for the time being.

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