The Snow Queen 3 and 4 : more suites coming soon in preparation ?

La Reine des Neiges 3 et 4 : plusieurs suites bientôt en préparation ?

The Snow Queen 3 : a sequel soon in preparation ?

You liked The Snow Queen 2 and you are dreaming already of a 3rd movie ? You are not the only ones. Idina Menzel – who played Elsa in the USA, it is already ready for a sequel ! However, the actress said she could take her time to see the light of day.

A sequel to The Snow Queen 2 ?

In the USA, this is the actress/singer Idina Menzel, who lent her voice to Elsa in the film The Snow Queen. A role that she particularly likes, and that she did not want to abandon it. During an interview with Parade, she revealed to already be ready for a continuation of the saga : “I can very well visualize a movie The Snow Queen 3. I can even see the Frozen 3, 4 and 5. It all depends on if they want to do them, but I would be happy to participate“.

A project that takes time

However, don’t. Where the end of the second film is already perfectly office of conclusion to the story, Idina Menzel recalled that such a result could take years to see the light of day : “What I find commendable is that the creative team has waited a very long time to launch after just to make sure you have the good history and not simply enjoy the success of the first film“.

They really expected to have the right idea, they took their time. And it is for this reason that I find this sequel as good qualitatively” she then added. In other words, don’t be surprised to wait another 6 years (2025 !) to discover a new episode in the cinema. Fortunately, by then, the DVD exist…

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