The Snowkite Championship project welcomed in Magog

Lionel Dion’s project to organize a kite ski or snowkite world cup in English in Magog seems to be generating interest in the community. Present in Magogland soil for a few days last week, World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA) vice-president William Tuthill was able to meet several stakeholders from the region.

M . Tuthill had the opportunity to talk to Councilor Jean-François Rompré and Political Attachés Amélie Cantin and Nathalie Lecours during a meeting at the Magog-Orford Youth Hostel. The objective of the meeting was mainly to allow potential partners to obtain information about kite skiing and the World Cup of the sport.

Mayor of Magog, Vicki-May Hamm did not participate in the meeting. However, she told La Tribune that Lionel Dion’s project seemed very interesting to him and that the promoter himself was credible in his eyes.

Eventually, the City of Magog could offer concrete support to the developer. But for now, she’s just listening. “We had a series of meetings with him and we are waiting to receive his request for support to know how far we are able to help him,” says the municipality’s communications coordinator, Claudia Fortin.

Be that as it may, William Tuthill is convinced that Magog has all that is needed to host the kite ski world cup in 2021. Lake Memphremagog is also an ideal place for him. holding such a competition.

“I know Magog and I can say it would be a good place for a snowkite world cup,” says Tuthill. As for the winds, Lake Memphremagog has what it takes. What is also pleasant is that there are hotels around the lake and the Dorval airport is only an hour and a half away. ”

The WISSA Vice President believes that his organization should be easily convinced that Magog is indeed a good place for a kite ski world cup. However, he suggests that Russia, a country in which the sport is highly developed, could be hesitant.

“Obviously, the transport costs to bring Russian athletes here are an issue. But we must also think about the issue of visas. The next world cup in 2019 is planned in the United States and we have to work hard on the Russians’ visas at the moment, “explains William Tuthill.

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