The soaps american social distancing

Les soaps américains en distanciation sociale

If all of the science fiction series filmed in the pandemic period are similar to the series, americans who calmly back to the antenna for a few days, the fall promises to be painful.

To avoid any form of proximity between two actors, several scenes take place now on the phone.

The kisses are filmed in a plane extremely close to avoid that, we note the use of liners.

When we look at how our neighbours to the south manage the measures of distance to the screen, in a universe of fictional free of COVID-19, we feared the worst for District 31, faits divers, 5e – rank and all other productions in quebec that left the machine recently.

Income in waves, Monday to CBS after a forced break of several months, The Young and The Restless (in French, the fires of love) has not managed to make us forget the coronavirus. On the contrary. Its first episode had so many flashbacks that it was virtually impossible to think of something else.

The difference between these clips filmed before the arrival of the coronavirus and those tours since the implementation of the health standards was immense. On the one hand, we saw people touching, hugging and kissing, and on the other hand, we saw two women discuss how hyper static in the middle of a park, so remote from one another that it’s hard to conceive how they were to hear.

Staged absurd

The conclusion is as sad for The Bold and the Beautiful” (in French, Love, glory and beauty). The episodes post-pandemic, the popular novel, a soap full of staged completely absurd.

Monday, we made use of a long conversation with an open heart between a woman and her husband… from one end to the other the living room. And when their two friends arrived, the sequence has taken a sharp turn for the wacky. Since each plan of the camera showed only one comedian, one had the impression that they were talking to the walls or that they had recorded their lines in different studios.

Strange kisses

The scenes of kissing in the time of the coronavirus are also distracting. They are filmed in close-up, extreme without being able to see the faces of the two players at the same time, the history of concealing the use of a lining.

In June, the producers of The Young and the Restless had shared their intention to use the services of the actual joint(s)comedian(ne)s to continue to offer fans their daily dose of exchange of saliva. Everything indicates that they have put their plan to execution.

The larger problem occurs once the kiss consumed : the protagonists walk away without apparent reason (to respect the two-metre distance) and the conversation continues.

Hard, hard to be credible

The sequences of seduction also leave something to be desired. The Young and the Restless were all a Monday. The production was, however, released the heavy artillery in order to install an atmosphere of erotic-romantic : replica honeyed, eyes languorous, music sweet… But nothing made there : the players sitting on couches separated, the magic was not operating.

The other scene is hardly credible : that of a surprise party observed last week. The celebrated returns home, the three poor guests, spread to the four corners of the apartment, yelling, “surprise !” and… nothing. They are all taped to the floor. No one approach the interested main, who smiled stupidly at the entrance.

In front of this cascade of examples are laughable, it only remains to hope that in Quebec, our directors, our writers and our producers have found better ways to deliver the goods, respecting the health rules in force.

But since, in tv, in la Belle Province was in the habit of doing small miracles with little or nothing, he remains confident.

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