The social distancing on pause in some clubs

La distanciation sociale sur pause dans certains clubs

In some of the bars, several party-goers act as if the measures of social distancing did not exist, encouraged to grow closer to each other by the consumption of alcohol and loud music.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the nightclub Muzique on St-Laurent boulevard in Montreal, the staff wore the mask and tried to enforce the rules, but the large dance floor was out of control.

Tables had been added in the middle of it to try to avoid the combinations, but without success : the people were many to dance to a lot less than two meters away from each other.

The Terrasses Bonsecours in the Old Port of Montreal, we could even see crimes in the queue at the entrance of the bar. The presence of smokers, passers-by and customers caused rallies dense when social distancing was not respected. Questioned to this effect, one of the security officers even indicated the inability to control the comings and goings of all.

It’s too late?

The president of the association of the bar of the city of Québec, Pierre Thibault, believes that it would be necessary to reopen the debate on the closing time of bars in the time of a pandemic.

The Taverne Saint-Sacrement, which he co-founded, could close as early as midnight if customers do not comply with the health measures, ” he said.

Despite the good intentions of the staff in the various establishments in the montreal area, he said pointed out a relaxation of their vigilance – and the behavior of customers – past a certain hour.

“It would take a nightclub of 400 people who do not respect enough the measures to start a pandemic”, is concerned there.


The bar owners can also make choices to reduce the risk of loss of control. At SeaSalt, for example, it takes more than music salsa not to encourage people to dance.

“It is the choice of the client as : go in a place full to the brim that does not comply with the measures, or elsewhere,” says the manager Clement Audouy.

It is no secret that these are hard times for the resto-bars, that take in revenue losses. Mr. Audouy said, for example, have had to refuse 200 people last Saturday to abide by the rules.

The DJs are losers

The situation is also difficult for the DJs, who say that they suffer from the pressure of the tenants to make people dance despite the consequences that it entails, and who are paid less than usual.

“I amuse the world, but I’m afraid of putting the world in danger,” notes, for example, DJ Keith Dean, who chose not to start over right away to mix in the nightclubs of montreal. “Everywhere in the world, is closed, but here are open. This is a contradiction.”

His colleague Alex Scotti, aka DJ SoundMan, also denies the agreements that he made an offer at this time. “The DJ is losing the dancefloor, because he plays more relaxed and the owner said to him : plays this and this (with references to popular songs),” he said.

Based on his experience and that of many of his colleagues, the owners of bars they also offer a stamp well below the usual prices, and he is afraid that the trend has continued even after the return to normal, if the DJs agree to these working conditions.

– With Nora T. Lamontagne, The Journal de Montréal

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