The social fabric begins to crumble…

The social fabric is starting to crumble...


When I read the hyper-violent emails that my colleagues and I receive, when I see all this hatred boiling over, I tell myself that it doesn't take much for a society to fall into turmoil. anarchy.

A small spark is often enough for everything to explode.


< p>No wonder zombie movies have been so popular over the past few years. 

These movies – and shows – all tell the same story: how a society we've always thought was calm, polite and regulated suddenly sinks into anarchy. 

One day, you live in an idyllic little village, with postmen asking about the health of your loved ones and firefighters waving at you from the top of their truck. 

And the next day, it is the reign of every man for himself. Neighbors who until then had regularly invited each other to dinner and helped each other chased each other in the streets, machete in hand.  

We believe that good citizenship, respect and solidarity are fundamental values ​​anchored at the very heart of our societies, that social cohesion is indestructible. 

However, this is not the case.

All of this is fragile.

It often takes just one event, just one, for all this veneer to crack.

Take France under the 'Occupation. People who had always lived in the most perfect harmony began to send anonymous letters to the authorities to denounce their neighbours, their colleagues, their relatives!

It is estimated that between 1940 and 1944, almost five million anonymous letters were sent to the Nazis!

It was like a disease. The administrators of the collaborator Vichy government were getting so many letters they couldn't open them all! 

And look at our neighbors to the south. The United States has never been so disunited since the Civil War, we even witnessed a coup attempt a year ago! 


In his novel High-Rise, released in 1975, the British author JG Ballard told how the inhabitants of a luxurious apartment tower sank into barbarism after a blackout. 

“This story is driven by the hair,” wrote some critics.

But two years later, a major blackout plunged New York into darkness. Result: 3700 people arrested, 1616 shops ransacked, 550 police officers injured and 1037 fires! 

I'm sure if we took the police off the streets, it wouldn't take three days for the mess to set in. Even here, in Quebec. 

This is why I take the hate emails that journalists and politicians have been receiving for the past few months very seriously. 

For me, this phenomenon is far from being anecdotal.

It says a lot about the feeling of anger that is fermenting in certain layers of the population.

The current situation would only have to last a few more months so that the social fabric begins to tear. 

Already, it is crumbling. According to a poll, a third of Canadians would put the unvaccinated in jail! And I'm convinced that as many antivax would do the same with provaccines!

It's time for this damn pandemic to die a beautiful death. 

Because I don't give cheap of our democracy…

The social fabric begins to 'crumble...

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