The Society for arts and technology resurrects his Dômesicle

La Société des arts technologiques ressuscite son Dômesicle

The evenings Dômesicle will resume the service as soon as the 11 of July until the end of August. The guest DJs will be performing, however, in front of an audience of music lovers quietly sitting.

The dome of the cultural organization of Saint-Laurent boulevard has re-opened its doors on 3 July last on the occasion of screenings of short films in the framework of the SAT FEST.

As of Saturday, it is the popular series Dômesicle which will be set up between the walls of this unique building in the Quartier des spectacles. The prohibition of dancing in this night yet dedicated to the music “up tempo”, however, will be formal.

“We are going to have a public masked and masked performers, the people who welcome us with visors plastic. Finally, there will be a small side of science fiction and 60’s like in Fahrenheit 451 Godard”, illustrates the controller of Dômesicle, Alexander Auché.

The “24 Hours” has learned that the number of noceurs will be limited to 50 people and all participants must wear the mask. Supervisors will also be posted near the seats to ensure that no visitor gets up to dance.

A local scene of solidarity

The selection of artists has been entrusted to a different company for each of these evenings. The festival Mutek will have hers and Blue Skies Turn Black also – an agency of spectacle well known to the habitues of the Ritz PDB.

On the 11th of July, for example, it is the booking agency and stewardship Hot Tramp who devised the programming. Hua Li and Maryze, singers who give both in the alternative pop-accented R&B, will be of the party.

“Hot Tramp, it is a label emerging which promotes many of the scene’s queer Montreal and who occupies a small room which is called the Diving Bell Social Club. They have been closed during this whole period of confinement.”

“With the COVID, many organizations have not been able to make events, schedule their own rooms and all that. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were going to do something to put them forward.”

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