The soloist of the group KAZKA told about the affair with a foreigner: “He didn’t know who I am”

Солистка группы KAZKA рассказала о романе с иностранцем: "Он не знал, кто я"

today, 19:25

Soloist of the popular Ukrainian band KAZKA Alexander zaritska talked about his personal life. She admitted she’s in love and now she’s having an affair with a foreigner.

She told about it in the “see the Interviewer,” adding that they met in Budapest on Sziget festival.

Not so long ago they spent the holidays in Italy and even admitted that while Dating he didn’t know who she is.

Солистка группы KAZKA рассказала о романе с иностранцем: "Он не знал, кто я"

“We recently traveled together to Italy. And it’s very cool. And was know what’s cool? Why this man got me hooked? He didn’t know who I am. We just met. We were a few days together at Sziget. We talked, we take a closer look. He speaks Russian, and I also speak Russian, Ukrainian, he understands very bad,” said Zaritskaya and admitted that he can’t call his name. The only thing she can tell you about your romantic friend is that he is a Latvian.

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“He’s always there, I’m here. He had been in Ukraine, but in order to come to see me, he only next week will we see you there. I can’t say that here, we are together. And I think that is unlikely to end with something good. Such relationships never end well, I think. Even if it gets here, we’ll still see each other at least once a week. My ex-boyfriend from Kiev, but the same story. We have quite different interests. Different circles. Ideally, this should be a person from the same company,” added the actress and admitted that she very quickly falls in love.

Recall, the soloist KAZKA ceased to hide feelings for his bandmate, intimate photos.

As reported Know. ua, the soloist of “KAZKA” zaritska stripped and showed juicy forms.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the soloist KAZKA Alexander zaritska seduced Instagram figure in a bikini.

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