The solutions do not lack to involve the fans have been deprived of their stages

Les solutions ne manquent pas pour impliquer les supporters privés de leurs stades

In Japan, as in Denmark, the fans and supporters of soccer teams are chomping at the bit to approach the first games… déconfinés, but without access to the stadium that will remain empty for a long time.

These two countries are not mentioned by chance.

Giant screens in the guise of assistance

In partnership with the service of video conferencing Zoom, Danes have imagined screens long of 40 yards on 3 m high filled with images of supporters who watch the match via video link. Nearly 200 supporters will be visible on each screen.

Great interest of this approach, there is no limit to the number of supporters nor the distance. A Montreal might as well be watching the same football game as the Danes or the Germans, from the moment that he has obtained a ticket.

If there are no real disadvantages on the side of the video image, for audio, it is more complicated. Normally, in a packed stadium, the fans shout, sing and whistle almost in unison. But a group of 1000 or 10 000 people who speak from their microphone will only produce white noise.

Bleachers filled with screens of fans

To remedy this, the supporters will be encouraged to sing at the same time.

This evening will take place on match AGF Aarhus vs. Randers with assistance in the video.

Elsewhere, as in Germany, there are plans to install large panels of cardboard to illustrate fans in the stands.

Meanwhile, in Japan…

The Japanese giant’s well-known Yamaha have designed a system called Remote Cheerer that allows you to fans who follow a game on tv encouraging, or challenging, the players through their smart phones, says on the website The Guardian. The votes are transmitted in real time in the stadium on powerful speakers, which are often permanently installed.

Lovers can choose among a range of audio options on their devices : cheers, applause, chants, cheers, boos, etc Single exclusion, the booing against the referee.

The company intends to improve its application in order to adapt to different types of sports or events.

What you wouldn’t do to please the supporters !

Some, such as the team of FC Seoul, has driven the imagination a little too far in placing them in the bleachers inflatable dolls dressed, masks included ! A boldness that has certainly not liked the direction of the K-League and that has forced the team to apologize.

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