The son of a famous singer was in intensive care with a mysterious attack is a stroke?

Сын известной певицы попал в реанимацию с загадочным приступом - неужели инсульт?

Katya Semenova interview, a screenshot from the video

today, 21:39

The only son of singer Katya Semenova was in intensive care. It is known that 34-year-old Ivan Baturin was urgently taken to the Institute of emergency care named after N. Sklifosofskiy. The Russian media found out that the man allegedly stroke, and this is a very angry star. At first she did not comment on the incident, but then still gave some comments, not stating the reason for hospitalization. According to press reports, after a preliminary examination, the son Semenova was transferred to intensive care. How he feels is still unknown.

In comments to reporters, the actress said that her son Ivan was in the hospital for three days, but the reasons for hospitalization was not called. “If we talk about the strokes, then you have a long time had a stroke of soul. Never use unverified information and not meddle in other people’s lives”, she commented. Semenova also suggested that journalists paid some nurse from the hospital for the information. “How much did you give her? Three thousand? I think she can already thinking about buying fur coats. Thank you, dear!”, – says the singer.

Сын известной певицы попал в реанимацию с загадочным приступом - неужели инсульт?

Katya Semenova with his son Ivan and grandson Matthew, a screenshot of the program “When all the houses”

It should be noted that son of the star went for the creative footsteps of his parents and became a musician. He now works as a sound engineer. Ivan is married and has a son. And Katya Semenova loves grandson of Matthew and tries to pay him maximum attention, because in his time the singer has neglected by a son, Ivan for his career.

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