The son of Babkin was in intensive care details

Snezhana Babkin told about the status of Arthur

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 18:17

The eldest son of star spouse of Snezana and Sergei Babkin was in intensive care. Night 13-year-old Arthur’s temperature rose sharply and the artists had to urgently call an ambulance. This is not the first case when the guy ended up in the hospital. A month ago he broke his arm.

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About this on his page on Instagram said Snezhana Babkin, posting a picture together with her husband in medical coats. According to the artist, Arthur was diagnosed with pneumonia with complications.

Сын Бабкиных попал в реанимацию: подробности

“In the morning took our Artusio in ICU… Friday morning was a little podtashnivalo. Saturday – coughs rarely, but immediately wet. Sunday – added runny nose, cough has gotten stronger. Monday – added a temperature of 38.5. Night temperature above 41. I said that calling an ambulance. Arthur talked me out of it, brought down the temperature of the Nurofen plus 10 minute cool bath (30 degrees). Tuesday – cough, runny nose, fever 38,5-39,5. Bring down. Has caused home the nurse for a blood test. Tonight the temperature was not. In the morning says it hurts to cough, hurts to breathe – abdominal pain. Arrived at the hospital. Arthur barely made it from the car to the door of the clinic, it was hard to breathe!! Got an x-ray – pneumonia with complications. The defeat of several segments of the lung. Quickly took away in reanimation”, – said Snezana.

Сын Бабкиных попал в реанимацию: подробности

Snezhana Babkina with her son Arthur

At this point, the guy is in the house is in intensive care under observation: “a Triple dose of antibiotics. Permanent control. Across the wards are very small babies with the same complications. Dear parents! Do not treat children at home!! Always seek help from professionals! And let Your kids be healthy‼this”.

Recently, Sergey and Snezhana official trailer for the first time appeared in public after birth. Earlier in the new section Today.Lifestyle “Today with a star” Sergey Babkin showed the behind the scenes filming his new music video.

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Сын Бабкиных попал в реанимацию: подробности

Сын Бабкиных попал в реанимацию: подробности

Сын Бабкиных попал в реанимацию: подробности

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