The song won the “Grammy”, was plagiarized

Песня, победившая на «Грэмми», оказалась плагиатом

The singer has not yet commented on the accusations

American actor and singer Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, who became the first rapper who has won the main award at the world music awards “Grammy”, accused of plagiarism. Musician Harley Jase said about the similarity of the track This is America with one of his songs last year and expected that Glover is recognized better ideas, rhythm, and main took. But his colleague didn’t pay attention to the claims, just like on his win at the Grammys, where simply not coming. Now Jazu doubly insulting: Gambino has borrowed his music, won four awards and did not even bother to pick them up.

“I’m glad that black guy managed to get, but for our culture in General is a bad thing: he received a prestigious award for the song, which is indistinguishable from a stranger. I don’t care the prize, even if he just acknowledges that he heard my song,” explained Jase in a conversation with TMZ. Harley compare Glover with the slave who ministered to the owners of the house and gets the room better, while other blacks work under the scorching sun. If Donald really stole the idea for This is America in less fortunate colleagues, it only adds to the irony of the title, ego acute social songs.

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