The songs we loved in May

Songs we liked in May


May, month of plenty? Certainly, at least as far as new songs are concerned. Here are ten that have marked the last few weeks. 

Perfect on screen — Karkwa

The Karkwa group

If the ADISQ awarded a Félix at the end of the year, we could pre-engrave the name of Karkwa on it. No need to wait for the album, the first extract, and its imperial rise in power of the chorus, already fulfills expectations. Can't wait for September 8!

The nights are advancing like armored trucks on the girls — Viviane Audet

Singer Viviane Audet

This is the third month in a row that an extract from Viviane Audet's next album has found a place in our monthly sorting. There is a reason for this. The melody of this dynamic rallying cry for female solidarity is as catchy as possible and makes you want to dance.

Lost for once — Lysandre

The author- singer-songwriter Lysandre Ménard

Jewel of the second part of her EP Les heures innocentes, this title relies on shimmering electronic motifs to transport us into a brilliant pop dream. A Canadian radio revelation, the one we first saw in the film La passion d'Augustine confirms here her undeniable talents as a songwriter.

Rescue — Alaclair Ensemble

The Alaclair Ensemble

In this novelty heralding an end-of-summer album, the priceless Lower Canadian rappers wink at the soundtracks of spaghetti westerns before proving that they have lost none of their verve and innate sense. rhythm. The whole thing comes as a bonus with a nostalgic reference to Calimero.

Another life — Évelyne Brochu

Four years after the promising first album Objets lost, everything indicates that the musical alliance between actress-singer Évelyne Brochu and Félix Dyotte will once again hit the mark on Le danger, expected in September, if we are to believe this elegant gem pop.

Food desert — Comment debord

The group Comment debord

Quebec is full of excellent folk artists, but few have the catchy touch of melancholy put forward on this seductive extract from the next album of our best septet in the province.

Before her — Aliocha Schneider

Aliocha Schneider

“Never been so afraid of being abandoned, before her, before her. »After two albums in English, the lover of Charlotte Cardin (whose voice can be heard in the distance) switches to French and exposes all his fragility on this foretaste of an album expected in the fall. The sensually pop melody slowly makes its way into our brains, never to come out again.

Alone without you/What About Hiding — Beyries

To Like Florence and the Machine, Amélie Beyries loves melodies that soar to the sky and this piece, offered in both official languages, is another eloquent and moving example.

Politeness — Laurence-Anne

Singer Laurence-Anne

Quebec muse of an unclassifiable, not to say elusive, pop, Laurence-Anne darkens her musical landscape with this track from which anxiety-provoking soundscapes emerge. To be listened to without moderation, however.

Tonight (I'm in my head) — Fredz

The rapper Fredz

Fredz is touching when he tells us how he experiences a heartbreak. Obviously, he is one of those who are inspired by a breakup. Here, his rap flirts with pop. Will it follow a similar trajectory to Loud and FouKi?