The spacecraft NASA is preparing to attack the asteroid: video

The space Agency is preparing the machine OSIRIS-REx to the collision with the asteroid Bennu

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NASA’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has arrived to the asteroid Bennu in the last year, but managed to hold on to its orbit a huge research work, and has endured for sampling of soil. The space Agency wants to return the unit to the Ground, but before his departure home wants to make the last landing for the fence of the last sample. Now NASA selects a new target for planting that will look like another clash with the 510-metre-long asteroid.

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Initially the team planned to choose two sites for planting. But when OSIRIS-REx has arrived to the asteroid, Bennu was much more rocky than expected by engineers, which forced the team to change plans.

“We knew that Bennu will surprise us, so we were ready to such scenario. As with any research mission, working with the unknown requires flexibility, resources and ingenuity. Team OSIRIS-REx yet coped with all the difficulties”, – said the head of the mission OSIRIS-REx Dante Loretta.

Космический корабль NASA готовится "атаковать" астероид: видео

Planned the landing on the asteroid Bennu

For the “attack” of the asteroid, we selected four places, each of them got its name: “the Nightingale”, “Kingfisher”, “Osprey” and “Sandpiper”. They are all birds mentioned in Egyptian mythology, adding their names to the asteroid named in honor of the soul of the God RA. Each site differs in location and geological features, but they can all be potential landing sites, which can be obtained sample.

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To determine the phase, the team will conduct further exploration with interplanetary spacecraft to take pictures with higher resolution for the detection of surface features. This will happen later this year, however, researchers should hurry, because the return OSIRIS-REx is scheduled for December 2019.

We will remind that earlier scientists have documented how our planet is approaching a potentially hazardous asteroid. And recently on Jupiter recorded a mysterious explosion of incredible power.

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Космический корабль NASA готовится "атаковать" астероид: видео

Космический корабль NASA готовится "атаковать" астероид: видео

Космический корабль NASA готовится "атаковать" астероид: видео


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