The Spanish official 10 years of missed work

                                Испанский чиновник 10 лет прогуливал работу

The position of the head of the archive of the province of Valencia a civil servant received 50 thousand euros per year.

The Valencia court recognized the employee of the archive of the province of Carles Recio guilty “in a clear intention to miss work and not perform their duties” and forbade him to hold public office for nine years.

For ten years the man was observed on security point at 07:30 in the morning, and then went about his business. In four hours of the day, he repeated the procedure.

According to the Recio, he”worked like a horse” and performed their duties outside the office, doing litigation and advised politicians. But in the ten years of its life, the investigation failed to find a single documented episode of his work. yushi civil servant insists that he just attacked the opponents of the work outside of the office.

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Spain (Kingdom of Spain) is a state in the South – West of Europe, which occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula.

                                Испанский чиновник 10 лет прогуливал работу


                                Испанский чиновник 10 лет прогуливал работу

Coat of arms

                                Испанский чиновник 10 лет прогуливал работу

Capital – Madrid

Biggest cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

Form of government – parliamentary monarchy

Territory – 504 782 km2 (51st in the world)

Population – 47,73 million people (26th in the world)

Official language – Spanish

Religion – Catholicism

HDI – 0,876 (26th in the world)

GDP – $1,381 trillion (14th in the world)

Currency – Euro

Borders: Portugal, Morocco, France, Andorra

For the first time about cunning employee of a state institution of the Spanish newspaper reported in January 2017, when the newspaper El Mundo found that colleagues Recio never seen it in the workplace and were confident that he did not know where is his office. The official was dismissed in August 2017.

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