The spectacle of the St-Jean reinvented?

Le spectacle de la St-Jean réinventé?

For the first time, the four major television networks of Québec have celebrated our national day in unison.

Sismyk, the producers of the television special All of Quebec, in unison, took out of their satchel a rich arsenal of tales, songs, classical music and, above all, a plethora of beautiful sentiments and good intentions. Fun fact, when Quebec is celebrating with great fanfare, there has been no need to “conscrire” Celine Dion. But we skimmed all the directory of the UDA includes the stars of the vintage and artist-LGBTQ+ and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour).

Should it be the same eclecticism to the air time ? George Floyd ? The épeurante pandemic ? The racism which we do not know if it is systemic or not ? If this opening continues and becomes the norm, both on television and in other spheres of our society, the feast of Tuesday night will mark a turning point in the history of Quebec.

Anyway, the talented director Jean-François Blais should immediately register in bold the title of the program and its curriculum. For more than two hours, he multiplied the gimmicks and the tricks, tapping into all the resources of the digital. The pictures illustrating, for example, the song of Luc Plamondon, I dance in my head, were a pure delight to the eye.


What a beautiful flash also of carrying the camera on the balconies and the external staircases of the Plateau-Mont-Royal during The blues of the metropolis. The few songs of Beautiful Damage, the outputs of mothballs by Michel Rivard and Marie-Michèle Desrosiers, have surely enabled older people to hang on to the show.

Until then, the “elders” had to be hard to identify at this Saint-Jean wise and inclusive growth, having little to do with the boisterous celebrations and watered that stretched until the wee hours on the mont Royal and the plains of Abraham. It was my time ! The one where “women made love freely, where the men were working almost over” !

I don’t know what to think of the appearance striking of Diane Dufresne. Neither his suit nor the white flower across his forehead, nor his voice became uncertain not reminded of the unforgettable fairy fuchsia in 1984, which was literally painted in pink the olympic Stadium and transported its thousands of fans in another dimension.


The music director Jean-Benoît Health has done a tremendous job. He who has advanced, with live of the universe the difficult art of the pot-pourri had distributed the pieces to all of the performers of the show. Each time, they have managed to assemble so fluid that one could believe the pot-pourri also easy to realize that a puzzle for preschool age children.

Despite the prowess of the achievement, in spite of the plans in trompe l’oeil and the musical performances exciting, I’ve never been able to forget that he was missing in this festival, an essential dimension : the spectators.

In an empty room that you may have makeup, the show does not rise and remains anemic. It looks like a dress rehearsal. How do these shows without audience, could they prefigure the “new world” that was referred to Fred Pellerin during the evening ? It must be the fault with Simon Brault, the hard head who presides over the Council of the arts : the performing arts will be reinvented not.

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