The splits: 93-year-old citizen of Lvov was in the Guinness Book of records. Video

Садится на шпагат: 93-летняя львовянка попала в Книгу рекордов. Видео

Flexible grandma started to do the splits after age 60.93-year-old resident of Lviv region Hope Sharygina was recognized as the most flexible woman of venerable age. She became the record holder of the Ukrainian Book of records.

It is reported by the with reference to TSN.

Across the world the Hope of Sariguney there is only one competitor, she is 95 years old and she lives in the USA.

The most flexible grandmother in Ukraine it is recognized that the beginning of the splits after age 60, when he retired. Engaged in daily training for two hours a day.

Before you sit on the side splits Hope sharygina always conducts warm-UPS.

The exercise of the pensioner followed closely the expert of the Book of records of Ukraine, who presented flexible grandma a diploma.

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