The spokesperson of the AR threat to Qatar in a new record

The group islamic State (EI) threatened on Thursday to Qatar for the support it provided in the fight against jihadists, in a new recording of his speech published on the chains Telegram of the organization, which also evokes the new coronavirus.

“Not one day have we forgotten that the basis of Al-Oudeid, built by the tyrants of Qatar for hosting the united states army, was and remains the command of the campaign by the Crusaders “, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen or in Afghanistan, ” said the spokesman of the EI, Abu Hamza El Qourachi, in reference to the international coalition antijihadiste conducted by Washington.

The spokesman accuses also the Qatar of having “funded” factions in Syria and Iraq against the jihadists.

In this record of 39 minutes, the spokesman also refers to the new coronavirus that strikes ” the tyrants of the world “, believing that it is a “painful punishment” sent by God to divert the fight against the jihadists.

“You’re always confused and lost in the face of the virus murderer, you are still unable to cure “the disease,” he continues.

“We see you spend huge amounts of money, in desperate attempts to save your savings rolled by the fever of the epidemic. Many of your allies are on the brink of bankruptcy “, he adds.

After the self-proclaimed 2014 a “caliphate” straddling Syria and Iraq, the ARS has continued with the defeats in the two countries before the collapse in march 2019.

But the jihadists who have returned to the underground continue to carry out deadly attacks, in Syria and in Iraq in particular.

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