The spring murderer

Le printemps meurtrier

It hits hard and hard. On nearly 8,000 deaths in Canada due to the COVID-19, Quebec now has more than 5000. More than 4000 Montréal, Laval and the Montérégie.

Almost all of the dead in NURSING homes, private residences for seniors or intermediate resources.

Thousands of real people, mowing is often the only and sometimes even in an indignity unspeakable.

Thousands of families come out traumatized. And this is not finished. In Ontario, despite a larger population, we account 2475 deaths – half from here. In British Columbia, it is 167.

In Quebec, it is a failure on the line.

The director of the Montreal public health, Dr. Mylène Drouin, sounded recently the alarm. This crisis, she said, would have to be managed in Montreal, in the very eye of the storm.

She was right.

In terms of detailed information and antenna policies in Montreal, the government of François Legault has failed tragically.

On the organizational level, the toxic legacy of the ultracentralisation of the system of health Gaétan Barrette has done the rest.

Powerful symbol

In an interview yesterday with Mario Dumont, Dr. Karl Weiss, described the whole of ” straitjacket administrative “.

This same constraint is in part responsible for delays for weeks in the screening, and now, for the serological tests.

The most powerful symbol of this disconnection from the field, montreal was the hecatomb, the private CHSLD Herron. To find out, it took the journalist Aaron Derfel, the Montreal Gazette.

It is true that most governments in the West have seriously failed in their duty of preparation in the face of a future pandemic.

Quebec has, however, missed the mark more than other provinces.

Instead of drawing inspiration from the celerity of British Columbia at the end of January, including the order of personal protective equipment (PPE), Quebec has delayed too long to move.


Let the facility staff are walking from one site to another is one of the worst blunders. What did the fearsome vectors of contagion.

As early as mid-march, the C-B prohibited yet the movements of staff.

After a long time discouraged the wearing of the mask for the citizens, the public health of Quebec is heading yet not to impose it in public places.

Other major cities like Montreal did. Why not here ?

For the metropolis, the failure is undeniable. It’s useless to hide it. If not, how to do better in the face of a possible second wave in the fall, as we déconfine and that Montrealers travel this summer in the regions ?

The government and the public health swear that this time, they will be ready.

The EPP will be there. As thousands of new agents to the beneficiaries will be trained and paid better, finally. Preparing for the flu season.

Gold, will provide the influenza vaccine to all the world and time ? Otherwise, the emergency rooms of montréal, gridlocked in the winter since well before the COVID-19, will overflow onto the sidewalks.

To analyze the slip-ups in Montreal and try to rectify the situation, the government dispatched its new tangerine shock, the deputy minister, Dominique Savoie. One thing is certain : time is short.

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