The SQDC “disappointed” to see Aurora leave Quebec

La SQDC «déçue» de voir Aurora quitter le Québec

Although it is “disappointed” to see his provider Aurora Cannabis disappear or almost of Quebec, the quebec Society of cannabis (SQDC) does not intend to review its business relationship with the company.

Last week, in the framework of a second wave of cuts in less than five months, the producer of alberta has notably announced to put an end to the majority of its activities in its two production centres in Quebec, by the end of 2020.

In fact, the canadian company will close its site in Lachute. As to its facilities in Pointe-Claire, opened in 2017, a portion of the equipment will continue to be used for the manufacture of products with higher margins”. These are several dozens of people who will be grateful.

“This announcement, although disappointing, does not jeopardize our business relationship with Aurora”, said the spokesperson at the SQDC, Vanessa Roland, adding that in the medium term, the company State, however, had an objective of increasing its supply of cannabis produced in Quebec.

During the unveiling of the latest annual report of the State corporation, the CEO Jean-François Bergeron told the Journal that he hoped that at least 20% of its suppliers, by 2023, have a head office in Quebec.

“As that industry of Quebec, pursues its growth, the SQDC monitors with interest the businesses that are emerging, and wishes to make space on its shelves,” says Ms. Roland.

“Not taken lightly”

For its part, the management of Aurora mentions that this decision “was not taken lightly”. She also wished to thank all of its employees in Quebec as well as the government.

“While our business and our industry are evolving, we take the necessary measures to simplify and strengthen our operations to central sites that can meet current and future demand,” says Rick Savona, vice president of government relations.

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