The staff lent out to private residences for seniors and NURSING homes private is removed from the 15 June

Le personnel prêté aux résidences privées pour aînés et aux CHSLD privés est retiré le 15 juin

Québec also plans to remove the 15 of June the staff of the CISSS and CIUSSS that has been lent out to private residences for seniors (RPA) and the CHSLD private to help deal with the pandemic of COVID-19.

In a letter sent Friday to the leaders of the CISSS and CIUSSS, including our Bureau of investigation has obtained a copy, the deputy minister of Health, Yvan Gendron, wrote that their private partners, which are still of human resources from the public should expect “a recovery plan […] for resumption of the management of the environment”.

“In this regard, the staff of the CISSS or CIUSSS present in these environments will be withdrawn on 15 June, unless an agreement with the CISSS or the CIUSSS, says the deputy minister. In the absence of a collaboration […], the costs incurred by the important contribution of the staff of the institution will be charged to the private partner.”

Mr. Gendron clarified that the CHSLD private (subsidized, non-subsidized, public, and private partnerships) will receive a letter “shortly” and that, as regards the RPA, the CISSS and the CIUSSS will have to send a letter prepared for them.

In his letter, the deputy minister Gendron there is also a call to order.

“Following various reports and situations of concern regarding non-compliance with the ministerial directives by several private partners, the purpose of this letter is to remind them that, in the context of a health emergency […], what are the guidelines issued by the ministry of Health […] and the national director of public health who have authority over any other guideline.”

The senior official emphasized that”it is essential to remember the private partners of the importance of collaborate and communicate regularly with their CISSS or their CIUSSS.

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