The staircase of the devil

L’escalier du diable

In the context of this chronic, difficult to move to the side of the american writer Dean Koontz, who has rocked several generations of readers.

Almost all the Stephen King fans have already read at least one novel signed Dean Koontz, who is also in the horror, science-fiction and thriller police officer. Born in 1945 in Everett, Pennsylvania, he has indeed taken a very young pen-to make us shiver of anxiety or dread. But, like many people, it was not until the turn of the 1980s, it has been discovered, with The night of the cockroaches. That is without doubt his best novel. He has subsequently written dozens and dozens of others – some good and some less good ! – and at the present time, more than 450 million copies of his books have passed in the world.

The staircase of the devil
Dean Koontz, from The Editions of the Archipelago, 432 pages”>

The staircase of the devil
Dean Koontz, from The Editions of the Archipelago, 432 pages

The enemy public number 1

His new book, the stairway to The devil, is part of the series Jane Hawk. But we want to reassure you immediately : it is not necessary to have read the previous two books to enjoy the plot ! In fact, we are almost immediately immersed in the heat of the action. Because always charged with espionage, betrayal and murder, the former agent of FBI Jane Hawk continues to be on the defensive. Not only by almost all the agencies in the government, but by members of a secret brotherhood able to play with the brain of the people. To save his own skin, Jane must once again compete for tips.

A novel loaded with adrenalin which reads from one end to the other under high tension !

Other thrillers signed Dean Koontz

The night of the cockroaches

  • Editions Archipoche, 614 pages

It is with this book that Dean Koontz is definitely out of the shadows to pass into the category of popular authors. The outline of the story ? A man who lives to kill and a woman who will desperately try to escape its claws.

The strange, Odd Thomas

  • The Editions of The paperback Book, 448 pages

Able to communicate with the dead, a young cook by the name of Odd Thomas will soon have to measure up to the forces of evil. A series that has nine books in English, but only two in French. A shame, because the hero is really cool.

The foreign

  • Editions Albin Michel, 480 pages

Everywhere in the United States, men, women and children begin to behave in a very funny way. The reason for this ? A few years earlier, they have all spent a night in the same motel… A book that you remember having loved it.

Dark Web

  • Editions Archipoche, 438 pages

In this first installment of the series, Jane Hawk can’t understand why her husband committed suicide. And strength to dig – at that time, she still works at the FBI – she’ll find something that will quickly force him to flee under a new identity.

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