The star of “95 Quarter” for the first time showed their children: photo

Elena Kravets no more hiding the twins from the public

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Звезда "Квартала 95" впервые показала своих детей: фото

Elena Kravets showed his children

Famous Ukrainian actress Elena Kravets, who last year officially unveiled a new project “Women’s Quarter”, first showed their children. The star of the Studio “Kvartal 95” gave birth in 2016, however, all this time concealed the faces of the twins from the media.

In a recent interview with youtube channel “Genn journal” Elena Kravetz introduced the audience with the kids Katya and Vanya, and also spoke about the principles followed in the education of children.

Звезда "Квартала 95" впервые показала своих детей: фото

Kravec admitted that he didn’t want to show kids early. “I hid them a little bit. Every mom their zabobony” she said.

Talking about their children, the star admitted that they did not like each other. “They are different. They’re like from different planets. Kate – philosopher, Kate is a scientist, she is thoughtful and dreamy. Vanya is also a very sensitive guy, but Joe is agile. They complement each other,” shared Elena.

Звезда "Квартала 95" впервые показала своих детей: фото

Star’s mom said that her children sometimes do not get along, but always support each other. “Vanya stronger. He was the first born, because sometimes “arrives” Kate. She always knows how to stand up for themselves. But at the same time, Ivan will always be sorry sister,” says Yelena Kravets.

During the conversation, the actress said that never punishes the twins. “I don’t think that you need to build relationships with children from a position of dominance, due to the fact that you’re taller, older, and more lived years. So I usually say “I hate” or “I hate”. In those moments, I’m trying to understand them and remember yourself at this age,” she summed up.

By the way, Elena Kravets and her husband are raising 16-year-old daughter Mary.

Звезда "Квартала 95" впервые показала своих детей: фото

We will remind that earlier Elena Kravetz said why she wanted to leave “95 Quarter”. According to the artist, she realized that she needed to take a break.

Interesting facts about star children in Instagram look at our video:

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