The star of “Captain marvel” will appear in a new Marvel comics

Actress Gemma Chan joined the stars of the highest echelon

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Звезда "Капитана Марвел" появится в новом комиксе Marvel

Gemma Chan

Marvel is preparing a film adaptation of the comic “Eternal” acting caste which is constantly updated with stars of the highest echelon. So, recently it became known that the project will star Salma Hayek. Also in this kenogamissi appears the actress Gemma Chan, who played a Minnesota North stars j-the ERV in the “Captain marvel”. Now the actress is in talks about participating in the project, reports Variety.

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Anonymous sources have assured that the “Eternal” actress will embody the opposite way in “Captain marvel”.

In addition, according to Collider, talks about the participation in the project also leads Barry Kogan of the military drama “Dunkirk”. The film also will star Angelina Jolie, which translate into the adaptation of Searcy, sverjensky of the fourth generation Eternal. In addition to her film involved Kumail of Nanjiani, Leah McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, don Lee and Lauren Rudloff. In the Director’s chair is Chloe Zhao.

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The release of “Eternal” is scheduled for November 2020.

Note that “Eternal” was created by Jack Kirby in 1976, as the ancient race of people with superhuman abilities. The Saga begins millions of years ago, when the cosmic creation, known as Celestial beings, began to conduct genetic experiments on humans, creating a highly advanced immortal race is Eternal, while its antipode, monstrous creatures, known as the Deviants. These two races are behind the scenes struggle throughout the history of mankind.

Recall that the actor Richard Madden also joined the actor caste of “Eternal”.

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Звезда "Капитана Марвел" появится в новом комиксе Marvel

Звезда "Капитана Марвел" появится в новом комиксе Marvel

Звезда "Капитана Марвел" появится в новом комиксе Marvel


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