The star of “Carmelita” went to the hospital: the doctors have sounded the terrible diagnosis

Звезда "Кармелиты" загремела в больницу: врачи озвучили страшный диагноз

Irina’s condition Senotova, known for her roles in “Carmelita” and “Annushka” has deteriorated – she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

On the eve of the 50-year-old actress was hospitalized. Physicians diagnosed bilateral pneumonia and renal failure.

Звезда "Кармелиты" загремела в больницу: врачи озвучили страшный диагноз

Irina Senotova feel better after treatment did not – her face took on an unhealthy appearance, and also revealed complications. Celebrity also suffers from a huge expenses for treatment and the European Centre put a check in 560 thousand. Parents Centavos had to go into debt. Irina was transferred to another hospital. There was not pleased and complemented the diagnosis.

Звезда "Кармелиты" загремела в больницу: врачи озвучили страшный диагноз


At the moment a celebrity is constantly in the oxygen mask, the doctors decide what to do next. All day and night next to an actress, a mother, supports her daughter and gives her strength.

It is worth mentioning that Children and the elderly – the most vulnerable groups of the population of any state. The reality of this, and that the state neither one nor the other is not needed. The proof of this published on page one of the popular communities in Kharkov in the social network Instagram.

The video shows the structure and content of 8th children’s infectious clinical hospital on Geroyev Stalingrad Ave., 160. It is evident that the institution had not seen the repairs, and in a toilet you wouldn’t go, because even through the screen is passed the stench and disorder prevailing there. About the mattresses at all possible to shoot a single film, as they have become the source of new life in the form of mold and other things.

Comments of Ukrainians just burning with rage and anger:
“But in the Park toilet for 50 million UAH”, “But Tomos and gave bezviz”, “you Want comfort – pay”, “To the horror of the familiar chamber”, “don’t let God get there”, “Received one infection, was discharged from 10″ ” Horror. Where Suprun?”, “Faith, the language of the army – no money for children”, “got there almost three years ago, not only that children in such circumstances are treated so you’re not prescribe antibiotics without blood tests, no ultrasound…..and we do appendicitis….almost killed a child”

Звезда "Кармелиты" загремела в больницу: врачи озвучили страшный диагноз

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