The star of “Daddy” came to conquer the judges of “the voice of the country on 10”: signs of destiny and Tina pursued a long time

Звезда "Папика" пришла покорять судей "Голос країни 10": знаки судьбы и Тина Кароль преследовали давно

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At the end of the second day “blind auditions” on “the Voice 10” appeared on the scene the star of the show “sugar Daddy” from the Studio “Kvartal 95”. Daria of Petrouchka, who played Lisa, as well as in the series (who looked, he remembers), came to the talent show and sang “Pigeon”. And as it turned Tina Karol. A coincidence, really?

Dan Balan admitted that watching this series and loved the smile of this girl.

Звезда "Папика" пришла покорять судей "Голос країни 10": знаки судьбы и Тина Кароль преследовали давно

“The voice” I want to once more believe in themselves, to introduce our country and possibly the whole world with your creativity” – admitted Daria.

As it turned out, Daria to all the coaches were somehow connected, except for Dan Balan. She starred in the video for Monetica “Eternity”, one is “Pepsi” with Potapov, one of her good friends is Vladislav Onishchenko “ZBS Band” (they won X-factor in the team Nastya Kamensky), and starred with Tina Karol in “Daddy.”

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Daria remembered then walked over to Tina and thanked her for her day on set that the actress was asked about her age.

“I say, 28 years. Well, it’s time, good luck, you said. I then listened to you and came back!” – shared of Petrouchka.

How will the fate of the singer on the project, learn from the following editions of “the Voice”. In the meantime, watch the preview of the third issue.

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