The star of “Daddy” Daria Petroica found love for the TV show: “I Try to keep in silence”

Звезда “Папика” Дарья Петрожицкая нашла любовь на съемках сериала: “Стараюсь держать в тишине”

Daria Petrozhitskaya and Stanislav Boklan (TV series Papic)

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The series “Daddy” from the Studio “Quarter-95” was successfully launched on December 2, the channel “1+1”. This is indicated by high ratings of TV viewing. 3.8 million viewers watched the first two series of lyrical Comedy, and just the overall scope of the series amounted to 8.2 million viewers. Accordingly, “Papa” became the best TV series premiere of the fall season on Ukrainian TV audience 18-54 (Ukraine) and 18-54 (50+).

The main role in the 16-series film, played by Stanislav Boklan and Daria Petroica. The young actress has become for many the opening of the Ukrainian cinema.

Звезда “Папика” Дарья Петрожицкая нашла любовь на съемках сериала: “Стараюсь держать в тишине”

Daria Petroica – the heroine of the Comedy “Daddy.”

In comments Znayu Daria admitted that she is overwhelmed with happiness knowing that she samples included in this project. The Director of “Daddy” Andrey Jakovlev said earlier that the script was specifically written for Stas and Daria. Is fact a little scared Petrozhitsky.

“I was afraid to lose face. It’s such a terrible confidence! At that time I did not realize that I had written the script. I just knew that I no of samples took off. In the middle of shooting, I realized that it was a full-fledged lead role. Grandpa and Lisa – one on which everything rests. We do not have that someone in charge, someone secondary. It’s such a crazy responsibility. Every time I was scared right I do, especially at first”, – shared the role of Lisa.

Звезда “Папика” Дарья Петрожицкая нашла любовь на съемках сериала: “Стараюсь держать в тишине”

Stanislav Boklan and Daria Petroica played in “Daddy.”

Daria lifted the veil about his character. Her character is a typical nowadays huntress on “wealthy man” with a large fortune. She was used to beautiful, glossy life and strives to achieve its goals.

Звезда “Папика” Дарья Петрожицкая нашла любовь на съемках сериала: “Стараюсь держать в тишине”

The series “Daddy” with Stanislav Bokenam and Daria Petrozhitskiy

As admitted Daria, her lease will change throughout the series, as the Grandfather in the performance of the Stas Boklan. Their characters have a lot to realize.

“Andrey (Yakovlev, EDS.) joked later, Lisa turns to me, Dasha. There were moments when he was on the Playground came up to me and said So! Now Dasha is stopping Lisa. Me: “yeah, okay”, – said Petroica.

In the life of Daria not as brave as her character. Besides filming in movies and TV series, sometimes she’s singing is her passion since childhood. By the way, the soundtrack to “Daddy” it sings Petrozhitskaya with Baklana.

In his personal life, Dasha has had UPS and downs. She confessed that she had been married 5 years, but continues to communicate well with the former spouse remained friends.

On the set of “Daddy”, which took place this summer, Petroica met with a young man. And this meeting has changed a lot.

“At the moment I’m happy. I try to keep in silence – all in the early stages. This non-public person, but from the world of cinema”, – said the actress.

Earlier, Andrei Yakovlev spoke about the concept of the series “Papi”, which was built around the perennial theme of intergenerational relations.

As the Director of “public Servants” Alexey kiryushchenko made a statement about the heroine of the Comedy “Father”: “Mine would be the casting of it didn’t pass.”

Also Znayu wrote, how was the pre-premiere screening of the first two episodes of “Daddy”. The Director of the Comedy Andrey Yakovlev told, what feature of his new work and what an important topic it raises. He also told how he first became acquainted with Daria Petrazycki, which is in the “Papa” played the role of Lisa, and how she had struck him.

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