The star of “Game of thrones” emotionally spoke about Brexit, vocabulary not for kids

Звезда "Игры престолов" эмоционально высказалась о Brexit, лексика не для детей

Sophie Turner, photo: scene from Game of thrones

today, 03:41

The star of the popular TV series Game of thrones Sophie Turner one short video expressed, as relates to recent events in the UK. The actress herself hails from England.

It became known that the UK is officially out of the EU. Brexit occurred at 23:00 London time on Friday, January 31 (01:00 Kiev time on Saturday, February 1). This is the BBC.

The event is historic for the country. Brexit supporters gathered in front of the Parliament building where on the huge screen people were shown a video about the way the UK to this point, and then the clock struck the countdown.

Звезда "Игры престолов" эмоционально высказалась о Brexit, лексика не для детей

Brexit (British exit from EU)

However, not everyone agreed with this decision of the government and in society, there were protests and outrage in this day. Among them the actress Sophie Turner, who has published on his social networking site a short but succinct video, which expresses his attitude to what is happening.

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“Fuck you, Brexit”, exclaims the girl in the video.

It should be recalled that the United Kingdom joined the European communities, which became the basis for the future of the European Union, in 1973, and confirmed by the membership by referendum in 1975.

We will remind, Brexit, the birthplace of Elizabeth II was greeted with shouts of joy and protests.

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Also Know As. ua wrote that after Brexit Ukraine will introduce a visa regime for the British, details.

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