The star of “Happy together” drugs found: what really happened to Bochkareva

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У звезды "Счастливы вместе" нашли наркотики: что на самом деле произошло с Бочкаревой

Natalia Bochkareva commented on his arrest

Russian actress Natalia Bochkareva, who said the reason for his divorce, caught in the scandal. 39-year-old star of the TV series “Happy together” is accused of drug use at the time, as the artist herself declares that someone is trying to “make HYIP” and urges fans not to believe the fakes.

Formerly known singer admitted use of hard drugs:

On Saturday, September 28, network a video was released of detention Botchkareva. In the short video, “Dasha Bukin” allegedly admits to cocaine possession, after police stopped her car to check documents.

The media wrote that while driving, the actress looked excited and “behaved suspiciously”. In the recording you can hear Bochkarev said: “I have a rolled a bill, which I have hidden. And the pouch where I have the rest of that means.”

Later Natalia Bochkareva recorded a video message which called the video a fake.

“I watched this video, and I can say that it has been installed. Moreover, the time of day, evening, and very poor quality. Because twilight has allowed people to namudrit. In General, I’m going to find out”, – says Natalya insta-stories.

У звезды "Счастливы вместе" нашли наркотики: что на самом деле произошло с Бочкаревой

The news about “the cocaine in the pants” actress calls someone’s attempt to “earn and make a scandal” and urged fans “not to believe the Internet.” However, many of the stars of ones celebrity support Natasha. “Lie,” “I still don’t believe”, “It’s not truthful information,” write the users of the network.

У звезды "Счастливы вместе" нашли наркотики: что на самом деле произошло с Бочкаревой

There are those who blame the artist, but such comments Bochkareva immediately removes and followers writes: “I do not tolerate profanity. All comments with profanity will be deleted”.

Guilty or not, but against Natalya Bochkareva prosecuted. Now she is under house arrest.

“The interior Ministry has commented on the detention of Natalia Bochkareva. And Yes — the substance she was carrying. According to the cops, they arrested Natalie on the street Stromynka: the actress was very nervous, from examination refused, and with him she found the bag of magical white substance. Cocainum seized, opened a criminal liability, as a measure of restraint elected house arrest,” reports the Telegram channel Mash.

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