The star of “Kvartal 95” Pikalov gave a Frank interview in honor of 44 years of everything from a first date to communicate with Zelensky

Звезда "Квартал 95" Пикалов дал откровенное интервью в честь 44-летия, все от первого свидания до ссор с Зеленским

today, 21:23

Famous comedian, actor, “Evening Quarter” and artistic Director of the “Women’s Quarter” Alexander Pikalov 30 Jan celebrates her birthday – celebrity turns 44 years. In honor of the joyous event, Studio “Kvartal 95” on the official page in Instagram put up a quivering archival footage of Alexander from childhood and adolescence, as well as his fascinating facts about yourself. So, the actor said when he first confessed his love to the girl, tasted alcohol, parodied the famous voice of Yanukovych, and more.

Today Cash Piloww viponds 44 rocky. Mi rospital imeninnika about Yogo “perch” I “ostan” in it Razi…
First time..
✔App sznews have Cohen duchin. “TSE Bulo 9 th class on cousins. I vibrav there neuromantics meeting place – poruch z Garachay the pipe, Yak Bula wrapped slovoto”.
✔App potrativ to Lorn. “I often have distinct Horw on brancht. By the way, be called a few more RSV sviy day narodzhennya I Yak just the same sustra on loranom liku”.
✔App pobyvav on kontserti ulubionego wykonawca. “I CCB kontserti ostannyoho tour Vctor Choi, if he priedieu on gastral to Krivoy Rog. Mom using akikos znajomych znajshla of “driving”.
✔I bought sobi jeans. “Pers amerikansk jeans I bought sobi 17 years with the pershoho in Curve ROS second-hand. Kolis TSI jeans Buli black and non vzhe SRO-vatertag koloru”.
✔App pocus pisnyu Else Presl. “TSE has become tritoma class (it seems, TSE Bula song Hound Dog), and me were nakrylo. Z quiet PR rock-n-roll, Yak I motocicli, suprovodzhuyut me always. I TSE mene duzhe Radu”.
✔I think svy autograph. “If I pratsyuvav karanam, the day mg rozpisywania in alcove knees of about sotn times. Sama then I nauchilsya one to one paraplate autograph Elsa”.
✔App scopula the voice of Yanukovych. “Mi povertaysya s touring, and literally be called a few more kilometers to mitnic we semasa the bus. I pokey mi ceceli wisdo have stigli of Wapiti all of presence, that drove Dodoma. The first axis in this n anamu whar I vpershe and said something in a voice of Yanukovych”.
✔App sprobuvav sportni alcohol. “I class eighth. TSE CCB cognac “Napoleon”, which mum gave robot. Of course, I don’t mg to POWs such a gorgeous verse, and once sustasis Moren. Wherein navti not varkava .! And instead of pouring the alcohol yablochniy SC. The first axis on ACIS Holy pdmo raskryli…”.
✔This is powerisa iz Selenski. “Pers scandal Buli, if mi s of Wolf pracovali on our Stom “homeless”. Ale kaptelinin conflcts for strike years we have not Bulo Nikoli”.
✔App trimas salary. “First results from trudovi knigts guard I drnik in Raw paneru. Three rocky propertyval I was there, and all because, vnoc scho Tsey Palace PDR have pounamu Momo asparagin, and mi could s chlopcem there repetirovali”.

Latest times Oleksandr Polow …
✔This is not SMG of Shrimati SLS. “Although I Chelopech I don’t sentimentalni, but, if brought our Poloniny maraku Dodoma, stimulate EmOC Bulo smoothly … And in General, all scho States wine on Donbas can do me vilicity I close, I zlasti, I tangle from girl …”.
✔This is right up the book. “Now do me nestly book – “Ened” Kotlyarevskogo. Vdna poem, duzhe smsna. Honestly Kazuki, her plan nabity on all hand tattoo wyglad need Aeneas and pictures in Anatoly Bazilevich”.
✔App ganav on motocikl. “In the beginning of leaf fall view from the past year. And General miy max – TSE 204 km/year. Mg I shte bilshe, ale vzhe Bulo yakos strashnovato”.
✔This is zimasa Picnik navantazhennya. “Two dni ago. By the way, I’m more like zaymatysya on Swamy powtr, than have sportzal”.
✔App Robin lessons s sin. “Nikoli tsogo not Robin. Bear s ditinstva duzhe samostani chlopacy. I’m always yomu Dovray, if VIN is to say, scho VSI lessons zrobiv. By the way, I stannic Yogo hi I never Pereval. Only in the timesheet CNC skin purcha moju sasireti”.
✔This is matucana. “I love Qiu the right, although Rozum, scho can I without matuku abitia. Ale Oskolki I Chelopech emacine, moju matukaitis radoso I on, I s HIH, do not duzhe good prevodu”.
✔App spav have karaoke. “TSE Bulo long I vsogo a couple of times ITT. Honestly Kazuki, not miy kind of sport”
✔App zdislava neobdumannye purchase for the bike bag. “Sorry, ale tak zi I often vdbase. I in the main I TSE rally for people, not for yourself. However, once the CCB case, if I am guilty of CCB to be paid latest plate loan for an apartment, and buying sviy pershiy Harley-Davidson”.
✔App zdiv have plackart. “For casv first tour with the team KVK mi often so Stili. A Yak in nsomo, if we always request a large company.”
✔App vdova litter. “Just the other day, if resolutiva I shouted at Ladino. I navti although those scho TSE Bulo on spraw, all one meni Bulo potim soromno. I did in fact fool. And General, Nile people less bsite same durst. And sche zrada”.“, – shared fun facts about himself Pikalov.

We will remind, Pikalov said, will the actors Kvartal 95 in politics

As reported by the portal Znayu Pickalov of “Kvartal 95” original assessed share of the “public Servants” with Zelensky

Also Znayu wrote that pilalov told about the reaction of staff to the presidency Zelensky

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