The star of “Masterchef” is leaving the project permanently: she had no equal in the kitchen

Звезда "Мастершеф" покидает проект навсегда: ей не было равных на кухне

Cooking show

Sooner or later your favorite shows and TV programs will undergo changes. Soon, drastic changes will happen on a cooking show “Masterchef”. It will leave one of the judges – Tatyana Litvinova.

PR is Tatiana said in Instagram

It’s time to write it… this post.

6 years, 9 seasons of “Masterchef”, season 2 “Masterchef Children” season 1 “Masterchef Teens”, “My truth” about me, hundreds of programs of “All is well” and “Everything will be delicious”, favorite teams and colleagues, hundreds of participants and millions of viewers and not only on the territory of Ukraine, with which to stick, and become real friends. And yet, this is 280 days per Year or 3360 hours of shooting, plus 5040 hours on the road in the pavilions. This time of my life, which was conducted with inspiration and enthusiasm!

And this, as you understand, post that I will not be a judge on “Master Chef 9”. “All Is Well” and “Everything Is Delicious” was closed. My contract with STB ended and We decided not to renew. Time goes by, conditions change, people and opportunities remain Thanks to all involved in my professional growth in this challenging and very interesting way,” prokomentiroval its decision in the post Litvinova.

Звезда "Мастершеф" покидает проект навсегда: ей не было равных на кухне

Tatiana Litvinova

Tatiana also added that I wouldn’t be too upset, because she made the fans a new surprise.

Now I have a lot of time to create your own projects – great ideas who seek out and require implementation. I cherished them for a long time and inspired“, she said about the plans for the near future.

Звезда "Мастершеф" покидает проект навсегда: ей не было равных на кухне

judges of the project

Now the audience appeared a new problem – to solve, who will occupy a place on the project “Masterchef” is a celebrity judge.

Recall, the star of “Masterchef” Elizaveta Glinskaya shared the recipe for a perfect Easter.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, in the fresh edition of the show “Masterchef” two teams have to surprise them with their desserts.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Ukrainian schoolchildren waiting for the “edible reform.”


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