The star of “Outlander” told how auditioned for the role of James bond

Звезда «Чужестранки» рассказал, как пробовался на роль Джеймса Бонда

Talk about who will take the place of Daniel Craig in the franchise about James bond after Craig is finally going to rest, do not cease for several years

Sam Chuen, star of Outlander, which at one time also predicted the role of bond, admitted that he passed the audition a few years ago and lost the same Craig.

Having been away on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan, Sam in response to the question, was he in the role of bond, suddenly spread, not only thought, but actually did:

“Have I ever thought about it? Of course, several times. I even auditioned for the role of bond a long time ago, when they reboot James bond with Daniel Craig, it was the 21st bond movie. They were going to take someone younger and it was awesome. And it’s high time to make bond Scottish,” says Juan.

21-th bond movie is “Casino Royale”, released in 2006, so that in fact the role of agent 007 Sam Juan auditioned more than 10 years ago, when he was not more than 26 years. At that time, “the Stranger” still, no one thought, so no fame Sam was not in his resume was listed only a few roles in the series.

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