The star of “the Bachelor” is going to conquer another popular TV show

Звезда "Холостяка" намылился покорять еще один популярный телепроект

Irakli Makatsaria

Known in Ukraine 33-year-old businessman from Georgia, Irakli Makatsaria, who was the hero of the sixth season of “the Bachelor” and sought after in our country the bride is actively engaged in Instagram and are often pleases fans with new photo. This time the owner of the production company Mag Entertainment boasted to fans that he became a coach in the popular TV show.

So, on his page on the social network Irakli Makatsaria has published a new photo, which poses in a sexual way, but in captions it said that will coach season 9 of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi”. The black-and-white shot, the entertainer appeared in a white shirt. He’s not looking at the camera, turning his head to the side and arms crossed on his chest. This image and bold, and seductive and attractive at the same time, as noted by fans of the star handsome.

In the caption, Irakli Makatsaria told about his participation in the popular TV show. “I want to share the super news! This fall will see the premiere of season 9 of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi”, in which I will coach. Going with the team to bring to life people’s dreams. Look forward to share with you the details! Waiting for?”, – wrote the single.

Fans are not passed by and began to comment on the publication of Irakli. Fans in awe of the hard work of a showman and I wish him success in the new project. Others admitted that they look forward to the new season of the beloved show. “Project “That” risks becoming “the Bachelor”, “Wow, wow. Suddenly,” “That’s okay, that’s a surprise is a surprise, very happy”, “Unexpectedly, and who will coach in the new season?”, “Ratings gold”, “Here is the news. Wait, Girls pullulate – that’s motivation,” they write in the comments to the photo.

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