The star of “the Bachelor” told about the main woman in his life

Звезда "Холостяка" рассказал о главной женщине в своей жизни

Irakli Makatsaria

Known in Ukraine 33-year-old businessman from Georgia, Irakli Makatsaria, who was the hero of the sixth season of “the Bachelor” and sought after in our country the bride is actively engaged in Instagram and are often pleases fans with new photo. This time the owner of the production company Mag Entertainment has shown fans of cute photos and videos, and captions spoke movingly about his mother.

In a publication which appeared on page Irakli, he showed a nice photo with a bouquet of flowers, and a video congratulations from Ukrainian stars. And in the caption to this post the bachelor talked about his mother. On pictures Makatsaria posing in a gentle manner – it white t-shirt and bright blue jacket. In the hands of the showman holding a huge bouquet of white roses. In the video you can see stars STB that touching talk about their moms, and at the end thank them. The video also appeared Irakli Makatsaria.

In the caption to the publication star of the bachelor told about the main woman in his life: “no Matter how old you are, mom is the person who always believes in you and supports. I want to say a huge thank you to my mom and congratulate her on this wonderful occasion. Don’t forget to congratulate your mothers and make them happy,” wrote Irakli Sunday, may 12, when Ukraine celebrated mother’s Day.

Fans are not passed by and began to comment on the publication of Irakli. Fans delighted with this lovely greetings from the bachelor, and covered it with compliments in the comments to the photo. “Well done, serve as an example for sons,” “the Most valuable thing for us is our mom! Congratulations to all of mamulek”, “Health and long mother. The good son”, “What You done, very touching. Thank you!” “Beautiful words, the parents raised a real man” – write in the comments to photos and videos.

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