The star of “the eagle and Tails” told how lost my virginity

Nastya Ivleva shared candid details of his personal life

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Звезда "Орла и Решки" рассказала, как лишилась девственности

Anastasia Ivlieva

The infamous ex-presenter of the travel show “heads and Tails” Nastya Ivleva, which was recognized as earned your first million, shared details of his intimate life. As part of the show AgentShow that Ivlieva leads on YouTube, the Instagram star told about losing my virginity.

A guest of one of the editions of the show was a former colleague Nastya presenter Andrey Poor people with whom they have touched on the subject of love. Ivliev noted that she was still a schoolgirl when I first fell in love and started Dating a guy older than her by two years.

“You know how it is for the first time. Plunge into completely human. We were together a year and a half. The first time we broke up over some nonsense. Then a month later I realized that I love him, I made a mistake. Six months it has achieved,” she said.

Blogger added that lost her virginity with this young man, but did not disclose details. “Every girl wants to lose virginity beautiful as a Princess. But I did not succeed. It was with a loved one, and the rest does not concern you,” concluded the presenter.

Earlier Nastya Ivleva told about why it fails to build a strong relationship with men. “Not every guy will wait for his girlfriend for three weeks in a month. Therefore my heart is free, although I’m terribly amorous,” admitted the star.

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Звезда "Орла и Решки" рассказала, как лишилась девственности

Звезда "Орла и Решки" рассказала, как лишилась девственности

Звезда "Орла и Решки" рассказала, как лишилась девственности


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