The star of the father’s daughters shocked photo Topless

Звезда Папиных дочек шокировала фото топлес

The actress of Ukrainian origin have shown, as does yoga, and has led to the horror of fans of its thinness.

The actress Miroslava Karpovich, known for her role of Masha in the series Daddy’s girls was photographed Topless. Photo appeared on page stars in Instagram.

The photographs of 32-year-old Ukrainian is captured in different poses of yoga. The girl demonstrates stretching in a horizontal splits and flexibility in other positions.

Karpovich dressed only in a dark loose pants, chest actress covers the hand.

The majority of fans candid photos stars liked it, but many noted the unhealthy thinness of the actress. One of the fans wrote that she wanted to “feed Miroslav pies”, the other asks where did the actress’s Breasts, and others noted that “insanely thin” and accused her of anorexia.

Candid photos Karpovich together collected just over 28 thousand likes.

Earlier Ratajkowski was photographed Topless and ran into criticism. It was also reported that Nicki Minaj revealed bare chest.

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