The star of “the hunger games” Lawrence shared a difficult period before the wedding: “I cried”

Звезда "Голодных игр" Лоуренс поделилась тяжелым периодом перед свадьбой: "Я разрыдалась"

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As you know, October 19, 29-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence were married. When planning a painting, she decided to do without a bachelorette party. However, closer to the appointed day, Lawrence began to feel that it knowingly deprives himself of another festival.

Звезда "Голодных игр" Лоуренс поделилась тяжелым периодом перед свадьбой: "Я разрыдалась"

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney

So, the actress chose the next available date, made the invitation list and called everyone.

“My female friends not to warn at the last moment. It turned out, all out, and the party can come only one guest. Very typically not aware of how much you want something, exactly to the moment when you realize that you cannot have it. I burst into tears,” recalls Jennifer.

Her sobs came 34-year – old groom, art dealer Cooke Maroney. After she saw it, remembered that after the wedding she will need to go to the shooting in another city.

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“I told cook that I would go to New Orleans, where a lot of ghosts. He’s not around, and anybody from them will not be saved. Cook said that he sees no connection between the bachelorette party and ghosts, but promised to help. I asked him to bring me a beer” – said the actress.

Alcoholic beverage to help calm Lawrence. She moved the party to another day and had the confidence that I can deal with the new Orleans phantoms.

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The portal also Znayu wrote that the famous American actress Jennifer Lawrence, and the equally famous cook Maroni, were married.

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