The star of “the voice of the country” were not included in the national selection for Eurovision 2020 because of the “New wave”

Звезда "Голос країни" не попала в Нацотбор на Евровидение 2020 из-за "Новой волны"

Nastya Prudius (KOLA)

today, 19:35

Anastasia Prudius – stunning Ukrainian singer and winner of Mossadegh vocals, which repeatedly demonstrated during participation in various talent shows. She sang in “X-factor” at the show “Golos Krainy”, on “Dancing with the stars.” Now she goes by the name KOLA.

Znayu talked with the artist about the tenth season of “the voice of the country” which started on channel “1+1” at the end of January that if she wanted to be back on the project after victory. In addition, we raised the topic selection for the Eurovision 2020. It turns out that KOLA wanted to get to the number of participants, but failed.

Звезда "Голос країни" не попала в Нацотбор на Евровидение 2020 из-за "Новой волны"

Nastya Prudius (KOLA)

Nastya together with Vera Cecelia and Martha adamczyk struck his vocals during “Dancing with the stars”. Why aren’t you in the Women’s Quarter with them?

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Nobody invited me, but I think that my expression in this comic sense still must be. I really want to do TV or some movie. Since childhood, I go to acting classes. I really like to be reincarnated. I will not yet reveal the cards, but this year something is. Series, most likely, with my participation.

You participated in the sixth season of “Golos Krainy”. What do you think about the new editions of the tenth season already?

A powerful group of coaches! I liked the girl who acted maximally relaxed, Vasilisa Starshova, a former member of the “Leningrad”. It was very cool! I believe that now you do not need anything to be ashamed of, you need to feel, make the most of their chance to understand that you’re here and now, and you need to get attention, some result, and show yourself to the maximum. She did it.

I hope that the captain will finally win, because he is my coach and he never won. I wish him a victory! I’m sure Nastya Kamenskih can change this situation. She is a very wise woman.

Live performances by Nasty Prudius on blind auditions 6 the voice of the country, their chairs turned all four coaches

Maybe Captain informed to win and not enough care and the effect Nasty?

Do not think that it something was missing. Here, as in any human destiny, just the same star thus. If you work, work, work, then you have in the end will always be the result. I think Potap will be a big success in the Voice.

And Dan Balan previously crossed?

Yes, I gave him a yo-yo. I had this album. He was very sincere and was so happy. It was at the after-party Vote.

Звезда "Голос країни" не попала в Нацотбор на Евровидение 2020 из-за "Новой волны"

Nastya Prudius (KOLA)

Rumors about the affair Tina Karol with Dan Balan. And you noticed something?

I can say that Tina is so gorgeous, her attention to achieve is not so simple. If Dan Balan is already somehow caught her attention, it’s worth it.

Most importantly, to have sincere feelings that were genuine emotions that cause not only you have a shake in my stomach, but also from other people. In fact it is their own business. I think that all over. But I have the sincerity to make it real.

In the blind auditions of the new season many members from different countries, even China. Saw the Xu Chuanjun?

Yes, he is very talented. So touching sang. I am pleased that the Ukrainian songs singing the man who is not from Ukraine. It’s very cool and I think that it is our victory.

Speech Xu Chuanjun the ninth season of the Voice of the country

What language do you prefer to sing?

The closest to me in English, then Ukrainian, then Russian. In Russian it is very difficult to create something firmwae and something extraordinary. I got it out not so original, you need to think more. Now I write very much.

In the latest “X factor” won Elina Ivashchenko, earlier she won “the Voice.Diti”, but became a semi-finalist of the national selection for Eurovision 2020. Don’t you think again to try your hand at some talent show?

I was on “X-factor”, and after I visited the “the Voice”, don’t want to go anywhere. I can say, I said, even the trainers: “Nastya, come on “the Voice”, you win it”. I’m not just saying that because conceited, I just know that it took some time, I have gained experience, became much stronger and more confident. But at this stage, it seems to me that it is the loss of some opportunities for the development of their brand and their project. I’d rather put all their strength and inspiration for a solo project.

Звезда "Голос країни" не попала в Нацотбор на Евровидение 2020 из-за "Новой волны"

Nastya Prudius (KOLA)

Me “the Voice” gave a lot! I am grateful to the whole team. This is the best project in our country. I can say about this seriously – I’ve been to many shows. It changed me, made stronger.

I still remember the “New wave” with your participation.

Yes, thanks to a New wave I felt like a real star, because with us there talked as if we were stars already the highest echelons. But also because of the New wave, I was unable to participate this year in the national selection for the Eurovision song contest. There is a law. The competition was in Sochi in 2016. At 17, I participated in the preselection, and I already failed. Want to kill someone.

Звезда "Голос країни" не попала в Нацотбор на Евровидение 2020 из-за "Новой волны"


Heard you LAUD are preparing a surprise this year. Right?

Yes! LAUD – my best friend. I believe in him as anyone else. Soon we will have an awesome Duo that will blow up. We have two years writing a song. I write a lot of demos, they all do not fit. We think we can do better. I hope we will release something cool. It will be a collaboration KOLAUD (KOLA + LAUD).

Speech Nasty Prudius on the show X-factor in 2013

Speech Nasty Prudius the New wave in Sochi in 2016

We will remind, earlier Znayu wrote that the star of “School” quail at the voice of the country 10 famous hit Billy Iles – lucky Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh.

In addition, the Voice of the country’s 10 forced the captain to jump out of the chair once the victory in the battle between the coaches.

A TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk on the voice of the country 10 got his ass kicked by Potap.

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