The stars are raised

Les stars se soulèvent

Celine Dion to Beyonce, passing by Sarahmée and P!nk, québécois artists, and americans continue to react strongly to the death of George Floyd.

While some criticize severely, Donald Trump, others take to the streets to protest, sending messages of solidarity and to initiate calls to action.

In a bilingual message issued on Sunday, Celine Dion has confessed that it was difficult to “find the words” to address the death of Floyd, this man of african-american killed last week during his arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“This tragedy and the injustice I break the heart, wrote the singer. As many of you have said, it is not enough not to be racist, it must be anti-racist. There are too long as it lasts. “

In Quebec

In Quebec, some artists market in Montreal on Sunday to denounce the racist violence. This is the case of Sarahmée and Dominique Fils-Aimé. The two singers were equipped with posters on which they had written “No peace, no justice” and “I Can’t Breathe” (” I can’t breathe “), in reference to the last words of George Floyd, pronounced while a white policeman pressed his knee against his neck.

Sarahmée and Dominique Fils-Aimé

Véronique Cloutier (” It is necessary to repeat, be indignant, to denounce and solidarity “), Sugar Sammy (” racism is not just an american problem ; it happens every day, in your backyard, at several levels “), Ariane Moffatt (” We all have a role to play, but it was especially the duty to listen “), Loud (” I hope that the struggle in Minneapolis and elsewhere will bring a little justice “) and several other big names from the cultural community have also taken the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In an interview with QUB Radio, Michel Barrette, yet deeply attached to the United States, has declared that he no longer acknowledged our neighbours to the south.

Michel Barrette

The reactions also abound in the United States. Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Cardi B have invited their fellow citizens to sign a petition to demand justice for George Floyd. Monday night, the document had surpassed the 11 million signatures on, a record, according to the organization.

“I’m not talking about people of color, said Beyoncé in a video posted on Instagram. Whether you’re White, Black, mixed or anything else, I’m sure you feel hopeless of racism that exists in America today. “

Trump arrested

Several stars shout at the president, Donald Trump on Twitter. Monday, P!nk has been dealt a ” coward “, “racist ” and” resounding failure “. As Taylor Swift had done a few days earlier, she said that she was dying of impatience to vote to oust Washington in November.

As for Lady Gaga, she has qualified the leading republican of” fool “. “He has held the position the most powerful in the world, but offers nothing other than ignorance and prejudice for life-black continues to be taken “, she noted.

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