The Stars don't let the Wild slip away

Stars don't let the Wild slip away


The Dallas Stars tied their series against the Minnesota Wild 2-2 with a 3-2 victory Sunday night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  

Dallas was the first team to score in the second period on a powerplay. Veteran Tyler Seguin deflected a rather innocuous shot from Jamie Benn which completely surprised Wild goaltender Filip Gustavasson.

If the first two periods rather gave right to defensive play, this was not the case during the final commitment when the two teams exchanged several scoring opportunities.

The former Montreal Canadiens Evgeny Dadonov also added his contribution for the visitors after he beat Gustavsson with a precise shot into the bottom of the net in the third period.

The Wild hadn't said its last word, however. Defender John Klingberg took advantage of a turnover from Esa Lindell to grab a loose puck and close the gap to a net.

Peter Deboer's men paid for Minnesota's indiscipline when Tyler Seguin moved the ropes for a second time in the game. This success of number 91 allowed his team to break the back of Dean Evason's troop and win this match.

Despite a goal by Quebecer Frédérick Gaudreau at the end of the final engagement, the Wild were unable to complete the comeback.

The fifth game of this series will take place on Tuesday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas at 8 p.m.