The stars finally land in Laval

The stars finally land in Laval


For the first time in its long history, the American Hockey League will present its all-star game on Quebec soil. Due to the pandemic, it was a long wait for the organizers of the event. 

“ It was a long epic, mentions Sébastien Vaillant who is marketing director of the Rocket of Laval. The event was granted to us in January 2020 in order to present it the following year. 

“In January 2021, we had to push it back another year. Then, in 2022, it was still impossible because we went back to confinement. ”

Despite these two postponements, the leaders of the American League have never shown signs of impatience to the organizers. 

“There was a good collaborative work between the Rocket and the AHL during this period, adds Vaillant. There weren't really any questions about the holding of the event.

“The teams were unanimous in leaving the presentation of the all-star game to us.”

Relief to Weightman

Mark Weightman initiated the project. After his departure as vice-president of development of Place Bell in January 2020, the file fell on the desks of several people, including that of Vaillant.

“I had followed the file from the beginning. It was after Mark left that I really took charge of the file, he says. I don't really like to say that because it's a big team effort. 

“ We are so happy to welcome everyone to Laval. We welcome fans, other teams, the league, players and coaches. Since there are not many games between the two associations, some Quebec players have never had the chance to play in Laval.

“It will be interesting for them to live the excitement of a match at Place Bell. 

The star game is already guaranteed to be a success at the box office. All tickets are sold out for Monday night's skills competition and games. 

Good roadmap

The Laval Rocket have a good reputation throughout the AHL for the quality of its amphitheater and its facilities as well as the atmosphere during its local games. 

“From our first season, we showed the AHL that we were very serious. Groupe CH's ambition was to have its hopes closer to Montreal, but also to have a successful dealership in Laval. 

“ In the last five years, we won the prize dedicated to the team that had the best atmosphere during its matches. We have a good track record. ”

The Rocket is one of the strongest franchises in the American League. His assist average is among the best on the circuit this season. It attracts nearly 7,000 spectators on average per game. A great success. 

“In terms of marketing, being the Canadiens’ training club and having its future players helps, says Vaillant. We also focused on the customer experience and we wanted the quality of the show to be there.

“Being part of the CH Group and evenko, there was a quality standard to respect. The fans also responded well. » 

Quebecers at the AHL All-Star Game 

Thomas Bordeleau< /strong>

San Jose Barracudas (NHL Affiliation: San Jose)

  • Forward
  • 43 pj | 18 goals | 11 assists | 29 points

Samuel Bolduc

Bridgeport Islanders (NHL affiliation: N.Y. Islanders)

  • Defender
  • 40 pd | 8 goals | 18 assists | 26 points  

Maxim Lajoie

Chicago Wolves (NHL affiliation: Carolina)

  • Defender
  • 37 gp | 2 goals | 14 assists | 16 points

Anthony Richard

Laval Rocket (NHL affiliation: Montreal)

< ul>

  • Attacker
  • 36 pd | 22 goals | 20 assists | 42 points
  • Alex Barré-Boulet

    Syracuse Crunch (NHL affiliation: Tampa Bay)

    • Attacker
    • 36 pj | 12 goals | 36 assists | 48 points

    Gabriel Dumont

    Syracuse Crunch (NHL affiliation: Tampa Bay)

    • Attacker
    • 27 pd | 12 goals | 6 assists | 18 points

    *Will be one of two AHL All-Star Game captains

    Alex Belzile

    < strong>Laval Rocket (NHL affiliation: Montreal)

    • Forward
    • 29 pd | 13 goals | 12 assists | 25 points