The stars shared family memories of the war

Presenter Oleg Panyuta said, what he taught grandpa

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Звезды поделились семейными воспоминаниями о войне

Oleg Panuta

Specifically, the Day of memory in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on TV channel “Ukraine”, stars shared their memories of the war that their families cherish for generations. It turns out that even in those days, people found something to make a joke, and someone met the love of his life in the most horrible place.

Singer Dilya remembered beloved grandfather, who went through the war, and the amazing stories of his grandmothers.

“Grandfather went through the war and reached Berlin just 12 kilometres away. One grandmother had been in German captivity, and the other related an amazing story of love, great aunt Mary was also in a concentration camp, but she there met a Frenchman, who after the war took her to France. And she lived in Paris. If she’s still alive now – I don’t know. In Soviet times she came, but how many times have I been to Paris, to find her, unfortunately, could not. Was only a photo,” – said the TV channel “Ukraine” singer Dilya.

In the family the presenter of the program “At. Pidsumky” Oleg the Album grandfather fought, and although stories about the war, the broadcaster had not heard, communication with grandfather has left a mark for life.

“After the war, he came to the sick. And all his life after the war – a struggle for life. In those small chatting with him about the war I still had the feeling that humanity is the most important trait that needs to be, no matter where you are”, – said in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” presenter Oleg Panyuta.

But Garik Krichevsky has a story to tell. The artist has heard from relatives is not one history of the period.

“I have all my grandparents went through the war and, thank God, came back. One grandmother was the head of the hospital and surgeon – says Garik Krichevsky. My dad was the first Soviet child, who in a 45-year-peed on the Reichstag. Then Marshal Rokossovsky seated on his horse and said, “Where did you come from?” And he said, “my mother works at the hospital”. He had started the store. By the way, in the 45th year, the stores operated in Germany. Dad, of course, shown on a chocolate bar, it was the first chocolate he had tasted”.

But the family Krichevsky remember not only funny stories. The singer’s grandfather went through the war together with his best friend Anatoly.

“They were commissioned officers, they had to parade through Prague. Grandpa was standing at, to the side. And a lot of girls rushed out to greet them. But Tolia was single and said, “Victor, let’s switch places, you still his wife, and the girls here beautiful.” They changed places, went the line, and this Fraction was killed by a sniper…” – said Garik Krichevsky.

These are the memories passed down to us about the war: the terrible, the amazing and the ones that evoke a mad thirst for life.

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