“The stars wandering” : Nekfeu ad-t-he a feat with Damso in the trailer of his film ?

“The stars wandering” : Nekfeu announces a feat with Damso in the trailer of his film

Nekfeu is finally back ! Three years after “Cyborg”, her new album, “The stars wandering” is ready and it is first in the cinema it will be presented with a film of 86 minutes… of which the trailer has just been unveiled. A teaser in which the rapper appears in the studio with Damso : users are crazy.

For a few years, Nekfeu has put between brackets his music career to devote himself to cinema : he played in All separates us with Catherine Deneuve and will soon be on display in The Breakaway with Joséphine Japy (My Unknown) and Rod Paradot. On June 6, 2019, the rapper will return to the cinema, but not in a film : he will be presenting the documentary 1h26 turned to present its new album “The stars wandering”.

Nekfeu and Damso in the studio in the trailer for “The stars wandering”, the fans go crazy

Yes, three years after “Cyborg”, Nekfeu finally is about to unveil his third album. The film, directed by the performer of “We’ll see” and Syrine will be broadcast in several rooms, only on Thursday, June 6 at 20h, and to give us a small taste, a short trailer has just been unveiled : “All the elements of the universe, the galaxies, clusters of dust, the stars, are moving away from each other inexorably, a bit like us. And when two stars are too close and that one of them will explode, it happens that it condemns the other star to wander without a path in the universe. They are called the stars wandering, “explains the artist.

The video then follows with a beat intriguing, but the internet users have primarily focused on the passage where Nekfeu appears in the studio with Damso. Does he have a feat with the enemy ” – Booba or does it just help the ex-member of 1995 was to write a piece of his opus “The stars wandering” ? In the meantime, the Tweeters are crazy, and some of their reactions are pretty funny. Even B20 is valid, it is for you to say !


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