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The short vacation period is over for National League General Managers. They are now entering the final phase in terms of manpower. First and foremost, they will have to make sure they respect the salary cap.

We cannot exceed the sum of $82.5M. And, on the other hand, some teams will have to make sure they reach the floor of $61M.

An exercise inevitably leading to changes in certain teams.

Currently, according to CapFriendly, 14 teams have commitments exceeding $82.5M. The Canadian belongs to this group. In fact, he ranks third behind the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals with commitments of $88,626,666.

The events of the past week and the words of Kent Hughes indicate that Carey Price will be placed on the extended absence list and therefore his $10.5M salary will not appear on the list of absences. workforce.

The Washington Capitals will use the same strategy in the case of Nicklas Bäckström and his $9.2 million salary. The Carolina Hurricanes will have a little more room to maneuver due to the injury of Max Pacioretty, whose salary is $7M. Shea Weber is on his second year as a one-season absentee, this time as a member of the $7.8M Vegas Golden Knights.

Kent Hughes is remained a very active man over the past few weeks. And now the opportunities to go even further in an effort to gain more flexibility in the salary cap are getting very interesting.

Getting Sean Monahan and a first-round pick…for a song gets people talking across the league. Hughes is quick to attract attention.

Now, with a surplus in the workforce, he will have more latitude to concoct a strategy giving him the means to improve his training without however affecting players who are in line with the hopes of the organization.


Eventually, he will have to review the status of some veterans. Huge contracts, not responding to reality, distort the equation.  

What does the next few weeks hold?

Kent Hughes will not let slip the windfalls that will allow him to speed up the process to get the dealership back on track.

But, as he has demonstrated so far, he will do so with caution and with tact.

As was the case in the case of Sean Monahan and the Calgary Flames.

Madden: a good harvest

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  • Martin Madden Jr. is recognized as one of the National League's top scouts. His track record, over the past few seasons, is impressive. We understand better why the Anaheim Ducks are happy to have been able to keep Madden in the bosom of the organization. During the recent World Junior Hockey Championship, Mason MacTavish, Nathan Gauthier, Olen Zellweger had a major impact. If we add the performances of Trevor Zegras and Jamie Drysdale a few years ago, the Ducks can look forward to the next few years with great optimism. 
  • Joshua Roy has been a dominant player for Canada's roster. The Canadian made a good decision by offering him a contract. Roy will have the chance to participate in the world championship next December and January. Roy is a player who fits perfectly with the Canadiens' development program. This winter, he will play in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and we can assume that we will focus on ways to help him gain speed…
  • Everyone enjoyed their time in Montreal during the amateur players draft. Some speakers have even suggested that the National League should make the Bell Center the annual meeting place for the draft of the best prospects. On the other hand, there are other cities with a particular attraction, and, in 2023, no one will complain about the choice of Nashville…
  • Pastrnak: not nervous< /strong>

    • Negotiations between the Bruins and Boston and the David Pastrnak clan are progressing at a snail's pace. But the Bruins winger does not say he is worried at all. “They [leaders] have been quite busy over the past few weeks, so I can understand the situation very well.” Rather wise reaction from Pastrnak, reaction also from a skater who could leave the Bruins. Is he interested in partnering for several years with an aging team where the best players will possibly play a final season, in particular Patrice Bergeron…
    • From Edmonton, we learn that Raphaël Lavoie, former star player of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, finds himself in a “make or break” situation. At the next training camp, after two seasons in the American League, he will be given the opportunity this fall to carve out a position with the Oilers. Competition will be fierce from a few rookies. Lavoie had some good times in the American League, but the main focus is on his lack of combativeness and that's never a good sign…

    Dufour and the Islanders

    In the management advocated by Lou Lamoriello, William Dufour, player par excellence in the QMJHL, solid during the world junior hockey championship, should evolve with the formation of Bridgeport, of the American League. According to Lamoriello, a player must spend a few seasons in the minor ranks before moving up in rank. Lamoriello is not the only one to think so. However, given the turn of events on Long Island, Lamoriello having drawn a blank in two files of extreme importance: Johnny Gaudreau and Nazem Kadri, can we analyze the situation of the team by modifying the management philosophy? The Islanders still have a good team. Can she get a bye to the playoffs? It's to do. In this respect, could we make room for young skaters?…

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