The Steelers come out in extremis

Steelers come out in extremis


The Pittsburgh Steelers looked like they were headed for an easy win Monday at Lucas Oil Stadium, but in the end they needed to work harder than expected to defeat the Indianapolis Colts 24-17.< /strong> 

The visitors got off to a good start and were leading 16-3 at halftime. The Colts, however, were able to create two strong offensive streaks in the third quarter, to add two majors and 14 points to the board, which put them ahead 17-16.

One touchdown Benny Snell Jr.'s run in the fourth quarter, accompanied by a successful two-point conversion, however, allowed the Steelers to triumph.

It was the ground game that mainly led the charge for the winners, when six players accumulated a total of 172 yards. Due to the injury suffered by running back Najee Harris during the game, Snell Jr. took over and was the most productive running back with 62 yards.

For his part, the center Kenny Pickett had 20 of 28 throws for 174 yards.

His opposite number, Matt Ryan, found a receiver's hands 22 of 34 tries for 199 yards. He also managed a touchdown pass, but was the victim of an interception.