The struggle of a son to save his father

Le combat d’un fils pour sauver son père

After his father had sunk into a coma for 22 days in China, a man from Quebec in the feet and hands to allow him to leave the hospital with a pacemaker that could save her life.

At age 58, Robert Lebel lives in China for ten years. Mr. Lebel has been working in the export of spirits. It is her profession, which led him to settle in the south of the country.

All was going wonderfully until the 5th of April last, the day on which Mr. Lebel had his first heart attack, far away from his family.

“I received a call from the phone of my father in the middle of the night. But, at the end of the thread, it was an unknown voice who explained to me that my father went to the hospital after a big heart attack, ” says his son, Alexandre, with whom he remained in close contact since his departure.

“The Miracle “

After receiving a stent a vascular opening up of the artery occluded, Mr. Lebel has been plunged into a coma for 22 days. At this time, the chances of survival of the man did not reach 10 %, according to the doctors.

A variety of advanced care, blood transfusions, and réanimations have been necessary for Mr. Lebel to review in the light of day.

“Apparently, they [the doctors] call it The Miracle there because they did not expect to be able to save it,” says Alexander.

“The worst thing is not being able to be near him during any of it, not being able to speak the language and have a time lag of 12 hours to get the news “, he says, railing against the pandemic COVID-19, which has forced the country to close their borders.

But this lack of proximity is not the last concern of the family. The repeated use of défibrillations on Robert Lebel has left disturbances are permanent at the level of his heart. It will, therefore, need a pacemaker, commonly referred to as ” pacemaker “.


The hospital, however, refuses to install the device as close to Mr. Lebel will not have proved that they are able to pay for the care that he received, and expenses that amounted to nearly $ 70,000. Not to mention the pacemaker, which costs about $20,000.

“When they see that the money starts to come in, they will, perhaps, consider him to install the device even if the invoice is not paid in full “, hope the son.

A fundraiser of the friends of the father who also live in China, and the first savings of the family enabled to pay close to $ 15,000, but the funds are lacking. A lawyer in the country has even been consulted in the hope of decreasing the costs, to no avail.

With the help of his sister Rosalie and his brother Marc-Antoine, Alexandre Lebel has finally organized a funding campaign on the platform GoFundMe in an ultimate hope to help his father.

As of the date of Saturday, more than $ 16,000 has been raised since its launch, on may 26.

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